Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why the Blog

Here's what Edith Schaeffer has to say:
Writing is certainly a medium for communication, as all art forms are.  It gives the opportunity for direct communication, for verbalizing thoughts and attitudes, for speaking truth and putting content into expression....  But one need not feel that writing has to be a career for it to be worth while, nor that it has to be prepared for by formal study before it can be fulfilling to the writer.  If you feel you have an unrecognized talent for writing, or if you simply love to write and want to do it, my advice is write.  But write without ambitious pride, which makes you feel it is a 'waste' to write what will never be published.  Write to communicate with someone, even if it is literally only one person. 
Sometimes I wonder why I blog.

 Is it to acquire a bunch of readers and be tremendously popular in the blogosphere?  (Haha.)  Is it to share craft ideas and recipes?  Pictures of the Baby?  Encouragement from the Word?  Sometimes I feel like I lack purpose...like this funny little bit of the web is just a mod podge of little ol' me.

Then the aforementioned quote starts to sink in: I love to write and this blog is a medium in which I can create with words and communicate with others all at once.

That's why I blog.


thetruevine said...

I also blog to clarify my thoughts for myself. When I was Flylady blogging, the process of writing down what I was thinking was always helpful. I'm grateful that you blog!

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