Friday, June 24, 2011

Amelia is Rabbit? Who is that? (And a little HarriEd update)

Hi.  I haven't been writing on my blog because a) life is busy, and b) the internet/computer at my parents' house is slower than a three-toed sloth.  And when life is busy and I have to poke around on the computer for twenty minute before I can get Blogger to load...well, I guess I just get too paranoid about wasting time.

(Charlotte-who-is-looking-over-my-shoulder just told me that she can read everything I'm typing. She has grown up!  Pretty soon that will be Harriet-reading-over-my-shoulder!  Ah!)

So what has made life so busy?  We moved back to Nebraska a little over a month ago. We're living with my folks until we can get back into our house (which involves some shifting about of the relations who are renting).  After a whirlwind trip to California to visit Steve's family and go to an Acts 29 Boot Camp, we drove with Steve's parents for four days through the Southwest and Midwest in order to make it back to Kansas City for Steve to be in a wedding.  If you want a boost in your sanctification, just drive for 1300+ miles with an almost-one-year-old.  Eesh.  It was worth it, however.  The wedding was crazy fun because it was Christ-centered, involved lots of people whom I love, and also had a dance after the ceremony. You can't beat that combination.  Steve started work the following Monday and I tackled the laundry before it tackled me.

Since then, I've babysat Heathen, returned to Jazzercise, was "hired" to do contract work as an alterationist for a local clothing store, launched my cupcakes at the bakery, had dreams of starting a family-integrated Acts 29 church, helped my mom declutter the craft and laundry rooms, and schemed about painting the walls in my house.

HarriEd is growing  She will be one in a few weeks and that completely blows my mind.  Totally and utterly and completely.  Her favorite foods are beans and rice, cauliflower, green beans, oatmeal and applesauce, graham crackers (honey-free!), cream.  Actually, she is a fantastic sport about trying new things and will eat almost anything.  But when she sees ice cream it's like her life has reached its climax of delight.

Her favorite pastime is taking things out of boxes and then climbing into the box.  She is beginning to really play with her toys: hugging her stuffed dog and dragging it around, stacking the rings back onto her stacker toy, and reading interactive books (Where's Spot? is the hit of the moment).  HarriEd is also learning new words. Right now she can say Thank you, Hi, Bye, Mom, Dad, Done, Dog, Moo, Out, Noodle-Noodle (which is actually her word for nursing), and Look.  And she loves to sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

What can I say?  Having a toddler is nothing but awesome. 

(Now Charlotte wants to do a craft project.  Bye!)