Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer in the Swimming Pool

When I saw this pink polka dot ruffled swimsuit on the rack at Target earlier this spring, I knew HarriEd simply had to make it part of her wardrobe (that's the fun of having a girl, right?).  We finally made the big purchase while vacationing in California and she got to try it out for the first time:

She wasn't quite sure that to think of the giant swimming pool.  However, a little help from her daddy and some silly antics from her Grami soon made her very comfortable and hesitant to leave.

Having thoroughly enjoyed her time in the big pool, Harriet thought she needed a little pool at home to make these miserably hot summer days more bearable.  (And, if truth be told, her mommy thought it was necessary so that the pink swimsuit could be worn on a regular basis and so that said mommy could stick her own toes into the pool.)

Now she spends a good part of her afternoons sitting in her own little swimming pool.  Sometimes her small aunts join her.  Sometimes Stupid Hank joins her.  And she generally uses up a good hour or two getting in and out and in and out...over and over and over.

(Don't let the cheesy smile fool you [although isn't it precious?] because it is rather traumatic when the pool has to be Put Away.)

But life is consistently improved by a ride in the toy car and eating a pint of so of blueberries.

Happy Summer!