Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Baby Yet Ramblings

I really should be doing the dishes or something, but I'm not.  I realized that I haven't checked in here for a little while, along with the fact that I haven't don't anything personally creative in a while.  And there are ten minutes to go before the hubby gets off of work.  Time for some ramblings!

Baby E is still sitting tight...unless you count the ridiculous amount of movement between 8-11pm each night.  I was having more excitement last week with contractions than I am this week.  I'm pretty much convinced that he realizes how cold it is out here and how Very Busy his older sister is and that he has decided that staying warm and sleepy is the best idea.  I don't really blame him.  So often I would rather stay warm and sleepy in my bed instead of facing cold Real Life and having H rub the skin off of my body in the process.  But I do want to see the little squirt at some point, and I'm getting really tired of not being comfortable while sleeping.  I would also like to be able to bend again, do Jazzercise like somebody younger than 80 years old, and wear skinny clothes.

(I would like all of the outfits from the new Boden catalog.  Please and thank you very much.)

When we were down to the last week before Harriet's Safe and Happy Outcoming, Steve and I had played Phase 10 more times that you could count, exhausted my patience level with Civilization II, and were generally pretty awful cranky pants.  Also, I think we went bowling.  What are we doing this week?

  • Homework.  I'm chugging along as quickly as I can through my schoolwork and I'm currently two weeks ahead on my assignments.  I desperately want to stay ahead of the game.
  • Sickness.  Some mysterious food-related illness confiscated my body (and Harriet's body) yesterday and left us rather wasted.  Being sick is awful but being sick while pregnant is particularly bad.  I wanted to crawl out of my skin or die or something.  I also kept having melodramatic thoughts like, "What if I go into labor, but I'm too exhausted to do it, and they have to do a c-section...and then I'll be EVEN MORE MISERABLE!"  Happily, none of my predictions came true.  I'm feeling much better today, so long as I don't eat very much at once.
  • Car.  Steve and I were Big Grown Up Adults this morning and got our car switched from an Illinois title to a Nebraska title, re-registered, and put the new plates on the very vehicle itself.  Seriously, people, this is big for us procrastinators.  Now we can't blame our erratic (ha!) driving behaviors on "being from Illinois."
  • Sewing.  I hemmed two pairs of jeans and patched two pairs of jeans in about 2 hours this afternoon. Oh yeah.
  • Co-Sleeper.  We got the co-sleeper assembled and affixed yesterday afternoon and it looks splendid.  Harriet loves it because she can climb up onto the bed and then into the co-sleeper without assistance.  She piles pillows and stuffed animals into the co-sleeper, and then snuggles down and reads her books.  It's so adorable.  Poor Baby Edmund.  I think that H can sleep in the co-sleeper and E can sleep with me.  
  • Valentine's Day.  We actually celebrated on Saturday night, which was positively providential since I felt so totally disgusting yesterday.  We wandered about a mall, took Harriet to a toy store and delighted in the plethora of Melissa and Doug toys on display, ate at the new Panera, and bought each other very silly presents at Wally World.  You see, Steve and I have a complex about buying gifts for each other: we feel this tremendous pressure to get the most perfect present possible for each occasion which results in Steve not getting me anything and me stressing out.  I set the rules for Valentine's Day...we each had $5-$10 to spend and we had to get something really stupid.  I got Steve some Star Wars PJs, and he got me some silly movies.  It was a fun and giggly time.
And the hubby is home.  Hello, Steve.  Hello, more Braxton Hicks.

Good night, blog.