Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthdays and baths

This weekend was so fun.  We celebrated Steve's and Anne's birthdays early on Saturday evening, with a menu of fish tacos, fruit salad, triple-layer brownies (for Steve) and Clifford cake (for Anne).  They both hit the jackpot with gifts.  I love thinking of fun gifts for Steve that he will really use/appreciate...mostly because I know that behind his stalwart birthday exterior, he really does like it.  Birthdays are just fun, you know?

(Let it be understood that the following photos are stolen from my fabulous sister, Clara, because I am tired of having no photos on my blog posts.)

I got him Birkenstock sandals.

We got Annie a Clifford computer game, but Harriet thought she would like it, too.
Then on Sunday we went to church.  We attempted to eat lunch at the ever-popular Qdoba (when we drove past on our way to the library, Harriet hollered, "BEANS AND RICE!") with our pastor's family and a new guy from church.  However, the place was filled to bursting with Very Small Gymnasts and their Extended Families, so we had to sit at two different tables.  That makes conversing very difficult.  In any case, it was nice to at least make a serious start towards socializing.  Our evening was filled with practicing and playing for the church music night.

Edmund enjoyed the loud music.

When we got home, Steve and I stayed up much too late watching reruns of The Next Food Network Star on Hulu.  I don't know why, but we both like to have a show that we are "following" to resort to when we want to spend time together, but we are much too tired to converse/play a game.  I like Food Network Star because the competitors are expected to produce a show at the end of the competition - not just win a bunch of money, or something.  So the attitude is that these people are improving their culinary/camera skills so that they can be eventually making a constructive contribution to television.  I think that cuts out a lot of the whiny-ness of the program...although there are a lot of whiny people, as well as some really ridiculous people who make us laugh Very Hard.

Yesterday evening, while Steve and Levi played video games with other folks, Clara and I came back to my house to bathe the Three Musketeers.  We were slightly apprehensive about sticking them all in the tub, due to Mima's I-Hate-Baths-Therefore-I-Will-Scream tendencies, but we stuck Edmund's baby tub in the bath, filled the rest of the tub with water and plopped everybody into their respective locations.  All was fine and dandy.  The girls played and splashed.  Edmund relaxed in his private spa.  

And then, the water in Edmund's tub turned a decided shade of yellow.  

Yep, he was too relaxed.

Then it overflowed into the girls' bath.

Harriet and Jemima both started bellowing and screaming "YUCKY!" as we quickly managed to whisk everybody out of the short-lived bath experience.  Oh well.  Little brothers will be annoying and gross sometimes.  It's payback for having to be subjected to pokes in the eyes, pats on the head, and being forced to wear pink frilly hats.