Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby Talk IV

With much anticipation we finally went to the long-awaited doctor's appointment this past Monday to discover...absolutely nothing.  This Baby who moves around and kicks like crazy on most mornings decided to be perfectly still, cross his/her legs and just sit there while we looked on in amused disappointment.  Wow.  If this Baby insists on being an anomaly, so be it.  The doctor keeps commenting on the beauty of the child's brain (since that's about all there is to be seen).  I told Steve that he/she obviously wants to be loved for his/her intellect and not just looks.

(Okay, after a hard week, I was really looking forward to having something positive to think about - like the gender of the Baby - and to be thwarted in this was the pits.  I should not have put mascara on that morning.)

But anyway, I think that it would be great if nurses could introduce themselves before poking, prodding, and handing me containers for urine samples.  Don't you think that would be the polite thing to do?  I mean, they know pretty much everything about my physical self and I don't even know their names.  Maybe they should just wear name tags.  Maybe I should just be more of an investigator of persons at nine in the morning.  The new nurse on Monday made all of the same "it must be a girl" jokes and then got onto the subject of names.
Nurse: Do you have names picked out?
Me: Yes. (*thinking* Do you have a name?)
Nurse:  Oh, that's nice.  What are they?
Me: Um. Harriet Alice or Edmund Paul.
No-Name-Nurse: Oh.  Those are old names.  But then again, you have an old-fashioned name.
Me: Well, I suppose that I do.
No-Name-Nurse: My mother had the name Aweilda.  That's an old name you don't hear very often.
Me: Um, no. (*thinking* Oh, yeah, like you ever hear that name.  I don't think that Harriet or Amelia are really in the same "old name" category.  Thank you very much.)

Having given up on the idea of knowing what the Baby is, we went ahead and created registries at Target and  Steve thinks that registering for baby stuff is way more fun than making a wedding registry.  For starters, you really only have to worry about one section of a store which makes life much less complicated.  Plus, it suddenly becomes socially acceptable to go gaga over towels, cribs, undershirts, and strollers that are covered in cute little ducks, owls, or turtles.  We will probably have a better time than the Baby with the bath toys.  While I grant that we are pretty dorky folks, it was fun to be able to participate in Babyness together.  Sometimes it's hard because I have to think about baby stuff all of the time (after all, I'm lugging the kid around for nine months), while Steve's mind gets occupied with other things.  It's not as if he doesn't want to think about the Baby, but it is sometimes difficult to know how to get both of us involved at this point.  Registering made us even more excited about being parents, and more eager to see and interact with this wonderful little person.

I still can't bring myself to sew anything for the Baby because I can't get into this gender neutral mentality.  However, I am allowing myself to make some other things which I will post pictures of in the very near future.  Maybe tomorrow.


Miss Alissa said...

Hehe, I got much enjoyment out of this post. If I'm ever again at a doctor's office...I'm asking the nurse her name:) So far I've known all the nurses at the doctor's office.
By the way, my great-great aunt's name was Alwilda. I would agree that it is a different "old name" than either Harriet or Amelia.

Melinda said...

Ah, I'm so disappointed for you! But at least you have a baby of Very Good Brain.

How fun that you registered!

I think Edmund and Harriet are both very good names!

Laura said...

Aww!! Bummmmer!! I found a little giftie for Harriet this week . . . But I don't think Edmund would like it very much. Going to hold it hostage for my self until he-er-she behaves. ;)

Lisa said...

Silly, silly Baby!

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