Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday

Mr. Wonderful just left for the last night of work for the week.  I'm feeling blah and lonely and I really don't have time to launch into some other distracting activity before practicing music with the fambly, so here I am typing away.

  • I had a lovely walk with the doggie this morning.  I wandered all over the south side of town and ended up by the Methodist church before turning around and heading home.  The dog nearly died of exhaustion.  Poor, miserable little creature.  We are going to have to make a habit of this.  I discovered a house with a beautiful raised-bed garden, which made me rather covetous.  We have all of the gardening supplies necessary to get things growing, plus our little seedlings are begging to get outside.  Maybe we can dig up the back yard this weekend.  Anyway, on my walk I determined that it really isn't fair for owners to let their puppies wander around unleashed and then scream and holler at them when they come check out my dog.  I decided that hymns and praise choruses fill the mind while walking on a cheerful spring morning.  And I found lots of lilacs tucked into a back alley when I was avoiding Being Seen.
  •   Right now my sewing regimen for the next few weeks includes one junior bridesmaid dress (I don't even want to type how much the fabric cost...I'll be doing a lot of praying and hand-washing), six bridesmaid dresses, and five flower girl dresses.  The good news is that I only have two weeks of work left at the soda fountain.  Then the sewing machine will start humming again.  
  • Speaking of sewing, I am feeling proud of my little self for taking some absolutely no-good-very-bad maternity jeans and altering them so that a) they actually fit me and b) they are somewhat cute:

I took two inches of extra material off of the back, converted the waistband to a low-rise fit and added extra elastic so the pants would actually stay up.  Then I cuffed the bottoms and voila!  Capri pants.
  • We are one step closer to buying our house as of signing the purchase agreement papers this afternoon.  This had been a months long process of waiting to qualify for a loan, waiting for the loan guy to work on our application and then waiting for a convenient time to sign a purchase agreement with our landlords.  Thankfully our landlords are super sweet and flexible folk who have been very kind and accommodating as we waited.  Since we were able to squeak in the signing of the purchase agreement before the end of the month, we will now qualify for the first-time home owners tax incentive.  Woo!
  • There is a dark blue storm cloud hanging out in the northwest sky.  It's pretty, but I wonder what this means for practicing with the fambly.
  • I want to start reading more.  Reading used to take up lots of my time, but now other things crowd it out.  Steve shared a magazine article about poetry with me the other day and it made me really miss studying and analyzing literature.  I did get an interesting book in the mail today (gotta love a free trial of Amazon Prime), so I think I'll work my way through that first.  We finally finished the Steinbeck book a few evenings ago, so we need to pick another Read Aloud book, too.  Any ideas?


Laura said...

AH! It seems the blog land is full of amazing productive seamstresses tonight. **in awe**

JennyD said...

Whose wedding dresses are you working on? Jenna's?

Good for you for making your pants fit! Yay!

So glad things are working out for your house! Whoohoo! Btw, I think they extended the first time buyers thing...didn't they?

Can't help you in the reading department since I'm in about the same boat. Except I've been reading Paddington Bear books and Whose Body?, which, btw, I think I read before, but I forgot it's almost like reading it brandnew again. LOL I could do that for most of the Agatha Christie books 'cause I can almost never remember who did it...and why.

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