Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Harriet Update

I know I'm biased, but I really do have a darling baby.  There is just something unbelievably wonderful about her wakey-wakey little eyes that are now able to focus (sort of) on mine and say, "Good morning!  What are we going to do today?"  Even if all she is going to do is sleep and eat and poop.

Sleeping in the co-sleeper has been a bit of a no-go this week.  She doesn't mind being placed in it for her naps, but nighttime is another story.  Maybe it's because I'm so exhausted that I don't really care if she sleeps in my arms all night.  She's only this little for so long, you know.  I would want to snuggle up with my mommy, too.

I'm thinking that Harriet must be on a bit of a growth spurt because she is eating practically all of the time when she is awake.  I feel kind of bad because every time I hand her off to Steve for some good daddy-daughter bonding time, she is content for about ten minutes and then starts wailing to be fed.  But again, she's only this little for so long, and pretty soon she'll be more eager to play for longer stretches.  Steve is the diaper/clothes changing king, though, and even though we'll probably never have a perfectly equal share in parenting responsibilities, I'm very grateful when he does just scoop her up and entertain her for a while.

Clara has been coming over in the mornings to keep an eye on the munchkin while I run about and take a shower, tidy the house, etc.  I'm trying to keep things simple and only plan on making the bed and keeping up with the dishes on a daily basis until Harriet settles into more of a naptime/playtime routine.  The frozen meals I made last month have been so helpful - I just stick one in the fridge to thaw (supposedly overnight, but I usually forget and end up thawing it for most of the day) and then Steve sticks it in the oven when he gets back from work.  So snappy.

In short, Harriet is so little and so lovely.


Clara H said...

You guys are doing a great job - yep, only little for so long and then they grow up and have little ones of their own :) Love ya, Dad

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