Thursday, February 17, 2011

Online again, working out and eating healthily, a small rant, sappy movies

We have the internets again!  I think that it will be a Very Good Thing since Steve starts work tomorrow at Wal-Mart and I don't want to be lonely.  Plus there's a lot to do with the Etsy store these days.  There's nothing like a bright and sunny craft room to make the inspiration flow quite fast and furiously.  It's probably a good thing that HarriEd clamors for attention so loudly or else I would lose all track of time and never come back from the sewing machine.
H likes to chase the toys around the tub.

So, yes, I am back online.  I must admit that I was unprepared for the rush of PMS-induced emotions when I got back onto the social network scene yesterday and suddenly felt guilty for not getting my kid to sleep through the night, or for feeding her baby food from a jar, or for failing in posting pictures of her regularly, and just the general busyness that being involved in a hundred other lives via LiveJournal and Facebook tends to create.  Normally it's a good thing that I'm grateful for, but I guess I kind of got used to being Just Us at home without the perceived input of others and the pressure to be involved.  It reminded me of two things.  First of all, input from others is valuable and I need to be involved with other people.  Without it I become increasingly introverted and selfish and less likely to ever want to talk to anybody but Steve.  Second, I have to stick to what I believe is best for my family and my baby and our particular situation.  Comparing parenting skills with others and feeling like a failure isn't useful when I'm really NOT a failure.  And I need to remember that I will think irrationally and hate the whole world when the hormones are wonky.  That's just a fact.

The queen upon her throne in which she is toted about for significant parts of the day.
This week has been a renewal of my commitment to good eating habits (one carb-ish meal a day and the rest consisting of protein and vegetables) and to exercising at least a half an hour a day.  I am very grateful for the discovery of another free week to the wellness center coupon and so I have been spending time down there each evening.  I went to 3-2-1 class totally cold turkey, having no idea what a 3-2-1 was, and learned that it was interval training set to music.  And that my jump roping skills seem to have vanished.  Last night was another round of Zumba toning, and once again, I cannot move this morning without some exclamation of "Ouch!" or "Ahhh!"  But it's good, right?  I think so.

One thing that I've noticed lately is the preponderance of folks who "hon" Steve and me.  It's not just the 50-year-old ladies at Panera, either.  It's the high schoolers checking me into the wellness center.  I mean, okay, I know that I look like I'm an insecure 14-year-old (although I daresay that a haircut would help that problem a lot), but I successfully birthed a child for Pete's sake!  I am not your hon, hon.  Between the endearing remarks of the general public and the vast quantities of Chick-fil-as, I think we've moved too far south.

(But it could be worse.  Yesterday Steve and I did a short worship service a the nursing home, and one little lady asked Steve if I were his mother.)

Ahem.  Steve got me Roman Holiday for Valentine's Day.  That is my favoritest Valentine's Day movie - ever since Amy and I found it on sale for $2 at Wally World during many moons ago.  Steve and I watched half of it on Valentine's Day and finished the rest off last night while HarriEd slid around the living room floor on her bottom.  That movie never fails to completely sap me out.

I think I want to be Audrey Hepburn.

So back to the gym I go....

Just kidding. :-)