Monday, March 7, 2011

Harriet at Eight Months (Media Intensive)

(Wow, I've written 150 posts on this bloggie bloggie in its year-plus duration.  Not too shabby!)

HarriEd will be eight months old on Wednesday.  That, my friends, is old.

New Trick:
HarriEd figure out how to crawl in a most efficient way: she sits on one hip, sticks the other leg out to one side and then propels herself around the room.  This half-crab-walk is quite ingenious because never has to get out of a sitting position.  Once she arrives at the desired Small Choking Hazard she is already sitting up and ready to consume.

New Foods:
H has been trying lots of new foods lately including yogurt, carrots, apple-cranberry-turkey dinner, and sweet potato muffins.  I have been attempting to sneak protein into her diet because her love of pears and oatmeal doesn't get her very far into the day before the sugar crash hits.  (Thus the apple-cranberry-turkey dinner - which, quite frankly, grosses me out.)  Thanks a very detailed book on making healthy baby food, I learned that it is now quite safe to include a mashed up egg yolk in H's meals.  Brilliant!  Or so I thought.  Maybe it was the crankiness of the morning, or maybe she really doesn't like egg no matter how it is disguised behind sweet potatoes and oatmeal.  But in any case, H stuck out her tongue and said, "Bleh."

New Toy:
The most brilliant discovery of the month occurred at the St. Louis Art Museum's gift shop when we happened upon Indestructibles.  If you know HarriEd then you also know that she loves loves loves paper and she hates it when paper is removed from her clutches.  Board books hold no charm when she can get her hands on a Real Book.  (This is why I had some explaining to do when returning Redeeming Love to the library last week.)  So we found Indestructibles, a brand of books created from some miracle fiber that feels like paper and tastes like paper and crinkles like paper BUT it doesn't rip, tear, or otherwise combust.  The books are non-toxic and completely washable.  And the simple colorful pictures of happy little farm animals are an added bonus.

New Word:
True to form, H's favorite word is Da-Da.  Da-Da this, Da-Da that, Da-Da everything.  When we are singing or talking or watching a movie, her goal seems to be to say Da-Da as loud as she possibly can and thus receive the desired attention from everyone around her.  Her other word of choice is the word Hey, which either refers to herself or as a salutation.

New Person:
HarriEd was very glad to receive her aunt Eleanor as a visitor this week.  (And I was very glad to receive sister Eleanor and her helpful spirit as well).  They get along splendidly and spend many hours unloading the toy box.  Eleanor possesses a knack for baby-watching and has no qualms about taking the screaming child and entertaining her.  This is sometimes an absolute God-send.

New Clothes:
Thanks to a free afternoon and an agreeable spirit, Harriet received a new spring jacket courtesy of my sewing machine.  The bright colors are so cheerful during these dreary last days of winter and, I must admit, she looks a-dorable.  This is why having a little girl is the best thing ever!

Yep, that's pretty much HarriEd in a nutshell: adorable, irresistible, easily angered, inventive, demanding, charming, creative, delightful.