Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life on this here Wednesday

Ping ping ping ping ping ping...Pingu! Pingu!

Yep, that's what Harriet is singing over and over again right now.  According to her, Pingu is the absolute bomb.  She started loving Pingu when she was 10-months-old back in Jerseyville, and her affections have continued without decrease.  How she can tolerate a crazy little claymation penguin speaking jibberish for days on end, I do not know.

(Hey, it's way better than Wow, Wow, Wubsy.)

We decided to cancel Netflix this week because we already have several episodes of Shaun the Sheep on DVD, and Pingu has recently been added to Amazon Prime's free instant movies.  We figured that since Amazon Prime movies can now be viewed through the XBox and since they have just as many choices (if not more) as Netflix, we would save $10 a month.  We can use that money to rent movies from Amazon, if we so desire.  Or we could grab some Runza and go park somewhere and read Post Captain.  

Harriet is watching said Pingu because she did not take a nap today and some quiet time is in order.

Here is Edmund at fifteen weeks:

And here is Harriet at fifteen weeks:

They look a lot alike.  (Except that Harriet's eyes are buggier.)  That's because they look like this guy:

What's going to happen when I have a kid that looks like me?  I'll probably just sit and stare at him/her because it will be so insanely odd.

In other random news, I do not suggest making chocolate mousse with an almost-two-year-old helper.

Whoops.  Pingu is over.  Time to be an attentive mommy.