Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's been a hard days night...

Well, the past few nights have been rather interesting, as far as sleeping is concerned.  Harriet wakes up screaming bloody murder as if she's had a nightmare, but when we attempt to calm/comfort her, she only gets super-duper angry and starts hitting and screaming at us.  I'm sorry that she is having a scary time, but it's not my fault...I promise!  Steve ends up taking her out into the living room and turning on the lights so that she will fully wake up.  Then...sometimes...she will go back to sleep in her bed.  And sometimes not.  And then we are all very Miserable and Squished with four Rodgers in a bed.  This is made more miserable by my having multiple dreams that Steve is having a blatant affair with another woman.  So then I wake up feeling gross and sad and wondering why I want to kill my husband.  Poor Steve is getting a lot of nighttime abuse from the women in his life.  Edmund sleeps through it all.

SO.  Steve got a new position at BD!  We are insanely excited.  He will be moving from working on a machine in the production line to being a lab analyst - dealing with the additives that are added to the tubes in the production process. There are many perks to this position:
  1. Daytime hours (6:30am-7:00pm).
  2. Four days on/four days off.
  3. Regular overtime, due to the pay schedule.
  4. Pay raise.
  5. No more UCK machine.
While Steve had applied for this position (among others), we had no idea that he would be fully qualified for it, let alone hired.  This is such a crazy, shocking, exciting gift from God.

In other news, the Florida trip was amazing, despite the torrential tropical storm weather which doused us in rain every time we ventured forth into the Great Outdoors of Disney World.  The Gospel Coalition Conference was a huge blessing on so very many levels.  It took all of me to keep from bawling, like, the whole weekend.  It was so glorious to remember that a) God really does exist, b) He loves Amelia Elizabeth Rodgers, c) He reveals his glorious Self in his Word and d) my complete, eternal happiness is found in him - and that happiness can be happening now.  So, if you haven't listened to any of the messages yet, get your little browser right over to this here spot and don't do a thing until you listen to this one and this one and this one.  And then listen to all of the rest of the messages, too.

I don't know how I happened across 100 Days of Real Food but I really really like it.  Of course, we already mostly eat like this, but her meal plans and grocery lists are a lifesaver.  I'm super happy to have healthy snack ideas, along with plans for breakfasts and utilizing leftovers.  Some of the menu ideas don't exactly meet our needs for high-protein meals, but I can easily slip those in without breaking the "rules."  Thanks to my Food Matters cookbook!

I have a couple of interesting posts brewing on my continued informal study of introversion.  Stay tuned....