Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BFIAR: The Little Rabbit

Harriet and I started doing a very loosely-scheduled version of Before Five in a Row a few weeks ago.  Our first book was Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?, which was a tremendous hit and involved many many readings and many hours of related activities.  It was a fabulous way to start, but I don't have any photographic evidence.  Drat.  

HOWEVER.  This week we jumped to The Little Rabbit and it has also been loads of fun.  We have talked about different colors of rabbits (white, grey, brown) and read many other rabbit-related books and we made rabbit cookies.

I'm trying to do more involved projects on the days that Steve is home, so I got E down for a nap and we started baking.

I was so super-duper excited to find a scan of Cookie Monster's Cookie Dough recipe online because Mom and I used to make it when I was little...and it just works.  Every time.  Always.

After letting the dough chill for an hour, Harriet was back at it with her rabbit cookie cutter.

Then we painted each rabbit cookie with an egg/food coloring paint.  Harriet wanted green bunnies.

(I think the green looks a little freaky, but whatever.)  I couldn't find our paintbrushes, but a clean pipe cleaner works great, too.

H must get every last bit of dough licked out of the bowl.

YAY!  It's a finished green-eyed-monster rabbit cookie!  This was a fun project to do together.

Meanwhile, E ate apples and mixed berries.

The End.
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In other news, my children have been dealing with some weird little virus which results in general Crabbiness, Low-Fevers, and Sleepless Nights.  This results in a rather frazzled Amelia.  But there is a date night on the horizon!