Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday night

I desperately need to find my camera.  Here's what happened: I couldn't find it for several days, and then Steve found it in...lo and behold...the camera case on the hanging rack where it is supposed to live.  I happily started to upload some long overdue pictures to Facebook and I honestly do not remember what happened to the camera after that.  I've looked all around the computer, all over the furniture, and in every toy/laundry/junk basket.  This is getting rather boring.

I don't think that blog posts need pictures to be interesting, of course.  But it does help to illustrate the interesting things that have been happening.  It would be nice, for example, if you could see a picture of the wacky pretend snow that I made with the kids this morning.  We have been reading The Snowy Day for BFIAR and Harriet loves it.  Even though we have a few inches of (melting) snow outside, I decided that messy pretend snow was a lesser evil than going outside into the really cold snow, so we dumped cornstarch and shaving cream together for a sensory experience to remember.  The pretend snow was fun to play with, even though the texture was definitely more like sand...and now the entire basement smells like Gillette.

Since Harriet is absolutely madly in love with the snow, I was a nice mommy and let her go outside again this afternoon.  The 40 degree temps helped.

I would also like to have my camera to accurately depict the delicious supper we had tonight: Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa and chipotle sour cream.  YUM.  Just for the record, I had never even thought of fish tacos being something to consider until Steve got me hooked after we got married.  (Seriously, the only fish taco I had ever seen was when I went with a bunch of peeps from CBI to TGI Fridays in Rapid City.  It definitely didn't make me want to eat it.)  Tonight's fish tacos were amazing.  I combined this recipe from Flower Patch Farm Girl with the crunchy fish recipe from Food Matters, and tada!  Wonderfully delicious fish tacos that only a picture could adequate capture.  Just try to imagine bold purple cabbage, bright yellow mango, fresh green cucumber, cornmeal crusted pan-fried cod, creamy chipotle sour cream....

Last Friday I got my nose pierced:

[insert webcam shot of Amelia with post-Jazzercise hair]

I love it.  Like really and truly. Getting my nose pierced has been on my "I'd like to do that someday" list for about forever, but it kept getting shoved aside for one reason or another.  (I came thiiiiisss close to doing it in November when we went to California, but I'm so glad that puking Harriet prevented me from doing so.  It doesn't seem like the stomach bug and a new piercing would work together very well.)  So, anyway, last Friday I went to my piercing appointment with this little heavily-pierced, cleanliness-conscious dude who did an excellent job at his Not Scary piercing studio.  I read a lot about nose piercings prior to the grand event, and many people said that it didn't hurt very much.  I don't know what kind of pain they were expecting, but it definitely hurt more than I thought it would.  Thankfully, the intense feeling of having all of your nose hairs pulled out at once lasted for only a minute or so, and I haven't experienced much discomfort since.  In fact, I forget that the little stud is even there and when I glance in a mirror I think, "What is that on my nose?"

I really love it.  It's so sparkly and feminine and adorable.

The kids are in bed, thanks to their new and improved Be Asleep By Eight Thirty Routine.  Maybe I'll keep digging around for my camera....