Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day at the Rodgers Abode

As the kids get older, I get increasing excited about starting our own little family traditions centered around holidays.  I really love Valentine's Day and always have (not just since having a Mr. Wonderful), so it was fun to think of what we could do together as a family that would just be fun, and pink, and celebratory.

Thanks to Target for the super-fun plates and cups.  A few weeks ago we each picked out which dishes we would like to have and then I stashed them away for our Valentine's Day breakfast.  The cinnamon rolls were a total Pinterest fail.  You see, I saved the pin of the heart-shaped cinnamon rolls that was captioned: "made from refrigerated cinnamon rolls."  So that's what I purchased, only to discover that the caption was highly inaccurate and the actual recipe for heart-shaped cinnamon rolls was made from homemade dough - which would have been much healthier/easier to work with.  Consequently, we had nasty refrigerated cinnamon rolls, much to the delight of the children.  And veggie-fied scrambled eggs, which was actually even more of a hit with my veggie addicted children. 

[Steve finds a French music album on Spotify]
Me: Haha, Steve, what's a loosely-inspired French breakfast without using our Le Creuset pan?
[violent cracking noise]
Me: OH NO!  The pan just CRACKED! [freaking out]
Steve: Well we need to contact their customer service.
Me: Or I need to make sure that I'm not setting it down on a calrod that is still on.
Steve: Oh.  I guess we need to get a gas stove, huh?

Valentine gift bags from Grami Cami and Grandpa Paul.  Jolly fun.

(Methinks they are just a little bit related.)

Anyways, I'm continuing to learn that the best laid parties of Amelia will inevitably have catastrophes like Pinterest fails and broken stoneware.  And many spilled glasses of water.  But I think we had fun and I look forward to bringing the dishes out of hiding again next year.