Friday, January 29, 2010

Busy Thursday

Thursdays are my busiest day of the week. Besides a few hours of work in the morning/early afternoon, there is the weekly Bible Club that Alissa, Tracy and I teach over at the Merna library. While I know that I want to do it, and I enjoy preparing for it, I always lose my steam right before 4pm rolls around and I know that we need to go. Wouldn't a nap be a much nicer thing to do, as opposed to corralling children for an hour.

(Big "waaah," Amelia. You're not corralling're teaching them. And it's not just anything that is being taught. It's the Word of God.)

The best thing about Thursday afternoons is that once we finally arrive, Club is so much fun. The kids are really eager to learn and have fun (especially when Silly Dragon comes out to help them with the weekly verse memorization) and they are particularly attentive during the lesson - thanks to Mom's loan of her incredible Betty Luken felt set. After it's all over, I'm ready to start working on next week's lesson. Hooray! (Well, next week is Cain and Abel. That one may be difficult. Oh well.)

Busy Thursday continued with an hour at Jazzercise. I like going to exercise at a class because a) I paid for it and I have to go, and b) well...I have to go. I'm modifying the higher intensity moves so that I can exercise safely while in this "delicate condition," but the workout is still satisfying.

Then I came home and Steve had made hamburgers and had the Monopoly board all ready and raring to go. So we played for a good long while and Dave went bankrupt multiple times and I spent most of the game in jail or by landing on meaningless squares (like Free Parking when there wasn't any money in the center) and Steve won. Of course.
I thought his Waffle House on Baltic Ave. was relatively clever.

I made a terrible chocolate cake. We watched Charade ("I hope we have all boys. We can name them all after you."). We went to bed. It was a good day.


Laura said...

I really <3 that quote from Charade . . .
Audrey Hepburn AND Cary Grant. Wow.

Sara said...

Charade is an old movie that I never seem to get tired of watching. :)

Amelia said...

I loved it. It was just creepy enough without being too creepy.

BeckyLove said...

agreed. a good one. gotta love the master of suspense. PLEASE keep blogging! I love knowing how you all are doing. <3

JRodge said...

Just found this "retro post". Funny how no matter how many years go by, Dave still spends the game getting smashed, and Spee, of course, wins. (Unless I'm there to give him a little competition...) ;)

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