Thursday, August 12, 2010

Harriet at One Month (and other things)

Harriet has spent the last week or so receiving distinguished guests from the Rodgers side of the fambly beginning with Jen on August 1, and now Grami Cami and Grumpy (?) on this past Sunday.  Having visitors has justifiably lowered blogging on my priority list.  That and the realization that I could use this blog an outlet for my blarggie-blarggie days and I really don't want to start doing that.  (Not that relatives and blarggie days are related [quite the contrary], but I think that new-mom tiredness has taken over my body and I have a much harder time being cheerful when thinking of things to write).

Enough unnecessary explanation of the lack of posts.  You don't care about that, anyway, because you want to see Harriet, right?  Of course right.

Don't you just want to eat her up?

Harriet likes the Sleepy Wrap, smiling at her favourite people, and being constantly on the move (remind me to sit still more often when I'm pregnant with #2, okay?).  She is bald on the top of her head but has quite the monastic fringe everywhere else.  She has three chins and very kissable cheeks and long gripping toes.  Oh, we love her!

I'm starting to think that after a week of experimentation, Harriet is still too small for her cloth diapers...or more specifically her plastic pants.  Her legs are getting chubbier but they still are too small to fill up the necessary space and prevent major leakage/blowouts.  Consequently, I am doing about three times my usual amount of laundry, thanks to the many diapers and soiled outfits.  I want to use cloth diapers, but we may just need to wait a bit longer.

It's been a busy morning for the little lady: breakfast, two huge poopy diapers, a subsequent bath, time in the bouncy chair, a few chapters from Frog and Toad, various Dvorak pieces, and now a nap.  I must take advantage of said nappage.


Bethany said...

If you decide to try disposable diapers, try the ones from Dollar General. Tey are just as good as Huggies, the same price as Wal-mart, and don't make Anthony break out like Wal-mart diapers!

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