Monday, August 30, 2010

Harriet at Seven Weeks

Highlights from Week Seven:

  • officially growing out of newborn-sized clothes
  • trying to walk
  • reciting the Gettysburg Address
  • sleeping through most of the State Fair
  • attending her church baby shower
  • relaxing in the bath
  • keeping Mommy and Daddy highly amused
  • grabbing blankets/pants/taggies/diapers and putting them on her face
  • staring and smiling


Lisa said...

I LOVE these. Oh! Is she a dearie, or what??!!!

camijo said...

Just when I think she can't get any cuter....she does! Just when I think I can't miss her too much.... I Do! Maybe we need to come to thanksgiving.....Hummmm. or Veterans day.... better yet Labor Day!

Kathleen said...

This has got to be the cutest baby ever! I cannot wait to kiss those little cheeks. Hopefully, a trip to Texas is being planned...

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