Monday, September 27, 2010

Harriet at Eleven Weeks

(How neat to have my 100th post be about my favourite little person!)

I look pregnant again.

Harriet Alice is eleven weeks old and she accompanied her parents, aunts and uncles, and grandmother on a trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  While she spent a considerable amount of time snoozing away in the wrap she did manage to get carried around by Aunt Eleanor...

Eleanor looks like an escaping movie star her Daddy do some serious pumpkin chunkin'...

Steve could actually hit the hay bale targets.

...and smile charming smiles right before spitting all over her grandmom:

Harriet continues to reach developmental milestones at an almost alarming speed.  This week's grand discovery was the ability to grab something, move it to her mouth, and proceed to chew with great enthusiasm.  She also loves to grab our fingers and pull herself up from a semi-reclining position to a upright seated position...and then get too excited and fall forward or backward without warning.  She is very interactive and likes to tell stories (especially about her trip down the big hay bale slide today).  She will also let us know with extraordinary vehemence the exact moment that she becomes uncomfortable or lonely.  Harriet definitely has her crabby moments, but she is a relatively calm and pleasant baby overall.

She is our daily delight.  That's for certain.


thetruevine said...

I adore that baby and her spit-up!

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