Thursday, September 30, 2010


Harriet's snorts and squeals quickly evolve into a full-blown wail as we continue to bounce along on our Sunday ride home from church.  Mr Elephant, jingling helpfully from the car seat handle, has lost all appeal.  The pacifier is obviously just an overrated distraction.

"Hang on, honey," I say, reaching to the back seat to pat her head.  "It's just a little bit longer now."

That only seems to exacerbate all of her sensibilities.  Mom, I have been in this car seat all. day. long and Mr Elephant is so boring and he keeps whacking me in the face and I'm near the point of utter starvation and you keep shoving that stupid plastic nipple into my mouth and it doesn't do a thing for me and I'm sick of sitting in here and I WANT TO GET OUT NOOOOOOOOOW!

Steve and I glance at each other and smile.  Oh the drama.  There are just three miles left before home...she will survive.

But Harriet, with all of her baby capabilities, has no sense of distance and no knowledge of just how quickly her needs will be met.  She continues to scream.

Fast forward to a week or so later and another Bronco ride.  Harriet sleeps peacefully, Steve drives placidly, but I pout in the front seat.

God, I just wanted to have enough money to buy some beautiful fabric just to make some beautiful things and I don't want to have to give up all of our savings to have to fix our stupid broken vehicles and how in the world are we going to be able to move and find new jobs and I'm jealous of other gals who actually get to sleep with their husbands at night and I just want us to feel like NORMAL MARRIED PEOPLE NOOOOW!

God lovingly smiles, shakes his head.  Oh the drama.

Like Harriet, I don't know when or how the answers will come...and it's so easy to keep on wailing.  But if Steve and I love Harriet and will provide for her needs at the end of a car trip, how much more will God in his steadfast love provide for my needs each and every day?

I do know this:
For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor.  No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.  O Lord of hosts, blessed is the one who trusts in you.  ~ Psalm 84:11-12
(For a neat story about getting what you really need when you really need it, check out this snippet about J.I. Packer.)


betweenthestacks said...

Heh, this sounds like me. "God, I just want to get married now and two years is forever when you're hungry to begin married life with the man you love, why did you have us happen now when we have to wait so long?!"

Good reminder. It's just hard sometimes when you can't see how long it is until God provides, when it already feels like so long. :-/

Kylie said...

:) Each of us have our "thing"; our discontentment or struggle, don't we? I certainly do! It sure is a good thing that God's grace is sufficient.

Melinda said...

Oh my, Nora can SO relate to Harriet's lesson in this post, and I can SO relate to yours.

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