Monday, September 20, 2010

Harriet at Ten Weeks

It is so exciting to watch Harriet continue to grow and develop.  Steve and I agreed that she seemed like such a big girl this much be reaching the double digits in weeks that did it to her.

Harriet is such a persistent spitter upper.  We try not to jostle her about after eating, but no matter what preventative measures are taken, we always get baptized.  (Sometimes Flori gets baptized...sometimes the floor at the mall...sometimes Harriet just baptizes herself which I think is a pretty good indication that she is a covenant child....)

She continues to absolutely adore her Sleepy Wrap.  While she does get some quality playtime outside of the wrap, she ends up spending most of her day toodling about with me.  She can face outward during her more awake times and help me with housework or decluttering or cooking.  And as soon as she gets crabby she can face towards me and take a nap.  At first I was kind of concerned that her best nap times happened in the wrap and not in her bassinet, but it makes sense that she would be the most relaxed while snuggled with me...that's the way she liked it for nine months, after all.  Not only does the wrap cue her for sleeping, but it also creates a consistent environment for her naps - whether we are at home in our normal routine or busy helping at MOPS or running through the grocery store.  The other nifty glifty thing?  Steve and I can both wear it without having to adjust a bunch of straps.  Everyone needs a Sleepy Wrap.

(click collage to enlarge)

Harriet is enjoying her new hot pink hoodie (hello, chilly September days!) and playing her new spitting game. The spitting game started on Saturday when we started spitting at each other and she found it to be a tremendous joke.  Now we play regularly.  Harriet has also settled in to a lovely nighttime routine of sleeping four hours in between each feeding.  That equals waking up once or twice a night.  Hurrah!


camijo said...

Oh she is so perfect it makes this Grami tear up. I start each day with looking at her pictures and it makes me smile all day! Thank you so much for the weekly updates. It keeps me from leaving granpa and arriving in Broken Bow. We sure miss you all!!
Love and hugs and kisses to all of you but especially to Harriet, the best baby.

thetruevine said...

Wow! Those are some mini-Steve faces with the raised eyebrows! Too adorable!

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