Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, Friday

I have started a blog post about five times this evening.  You see, my children have both been asleep since about 9:15pm and this unexpected "me" time is freaking me out.  I honestly don't know what to do with it!  The house is a disaster.  I have a book I really want to finish reading.  I want to blog.  I need to finish the laundry.  AH!

So I have decided to to a little of all of that.  I did some dishes and got the diapers in the dryer.  I'm going to write a blog post until 10:35 and then I'll read my book for a while.

Do you ever worry about time management?  I feel like I worry about it more than managing our finances well. I'm so paranoid about wasting time, or not seizing the moment, or whatever, that some days I feel plain ol' paralyzed.  I know I'm lazy in some areas, but I also know that I definitely err on the side of being a workaholic.  Last Sunday, after we got home from church/time at the library, I made a menu, went grocery shopping, made granola and bread for the next day, cut my bangs, and read my book.  Steve said, "I just have no clue where Harriet gets her busyness.  Not a clue!"  Okay, I get his point.  I need to stop sometimes and just be.  Just rest!

I was thinking about how I used to spend hours and hours by myself in the quiet.  Sure, I may have been spending hours doing homework, but it was quiet.  No one was demanding anything of me or hanging off of my body or trying to have a conversation over Pingu.  Now?  Quiet time doesn't exist, period.  (Except for rare evenings like this.)

Motherhood has to be one of the top sanctifying experiences.

I bought a jogging stroller today.  I also learned that if you want to get more than one jogging stroller at a garage sale, you have to get there 45 minutes before the garage sale is actually set to begin.  In any case, Clara and I will share this stroller and hopefully be able to do some running on our non-Jazzercise days.  I ran for about a mile and a half this evening with E sleeping in the stroller and it felt a.mazing.  When I'm totally losing my mind in the mess and the noise, the best thing in the world is to get outside for a while.

There's Edmund now, snuffling away in bed...goodbye! Happy weekend!