Thursday, April 12, 2012

This place about to blooo-ooow....

The subject line is in reference to this horrendous song we are doing at Jazzercise, and it gets stuck in my head and I end up singing it for about a week.  Seriously, this inner/outer thigh workout is so extremely painful it's right up there with going through labor.  Even if I don't utilize my Bradley method breathing techniques during labor, at least I can put them to good use at Jazzercise.  Sheesh.  Mom also counted the number of squats we do during that song and it is 208.  Got that?  That means that this week we did a total of 624 squats.  No wonder my legs are sore.

I'm trying to be really serious about sticking with my low-carb diet these days.  The first week of cutting carbs was torture, as it usually is, but I prevailed by the grace of God and did not succumb to eating everything in the house.  Having done the low carb thing for two weeks, I have lost about 4 pounds and am about 8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight goal.  When people say, "I don't know how you look so good after just having a baby!" I want to tell them a) I don't eat crap and b) I exercise my butt off.  Literally.  It's really not rocket science...just a lot of hard work.  I was also thinking about how I wouldn't be able to exercise my butt off without the gracious assistance of my family.  I have ready and willing babysitters three nights a week, and I'm so very grateful for that.  When my brain wanders, I think about how new moms really should be able to exercise but how it is basically impossible to do it when you don't have a place to plop your infant.  I would like to start an exercise facility for new moms that includes babysitting - not for big, snotty-nosed kids, but for the little ones who are especially needy.  Then moms could exercise without having a child hanging off of their body.

I have exercised with a child (that would be Harriet) hanging off of my body.  It was a very sweaty time.

Edmund is eight weeks old today!  He celebrated by being a royal crankpot all day until this evening when he busted out all of the smiles he had been avoiding all day.  His smiles are so contagious!  I splurged and bought him some Flip diaper covers yesterday.  I don't usually fall for the cloth diapering gimmicks of the world (I'm confident in my pre-fold, plastic pants, diaper pin set up), but my friend Sandy kindly gave me a Flip and I had to try it out, of course.  I really like it!  It's soft, functional, non-leaky, and expands so that E can wear it when he's five years old.  Thus, I ordered more.

The weather was pretty darn gross today.  It makes us all really grouchy.  I hope that the rest of the week shapes up to be pleasant so that Harriet and I can get outside and blow off our grouchy stink.  Oh!  We officially ordered the materials for our new privacy fence!  I'm super-duper excited.  We ended up ordering through the local lumber yard, which was surprisingly comparable to the larger chain store an hour away.  The selling point?  The local store will plop our lumber and supplies in our yard, free of charge, on the day we designate.  Awesome possum.  I cannot wait to have the fence up in the back yard.  Then I will release Harriet and Flori into the wild!  And we can have social gatherings, and a garden, and no fear of the littles running into the very busy road.