Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hi, friends!

True confession: I haven't blogged because Harriet lost my camera and I am heartily ashamed to show up on here without pictures of the Wee Folk who live in my home.

Seriously, I do not know where that girl stashes things.  I have looked high and low for the camera - in the trash, in the clothes hampers, in the co-sleeper pockets, under furniture -  but to no avail.  Drat, drat, and more drat.  I'm hoping that she recovers from her amnesia soon and tells me where she put it.  Until then?  Drab posts.

What's up with us these days?  I found the solution to Edmund's irritability/weird poops/constant congestion:  dairy allergy.  It all lines up so perfectly, and as soon as I stopped consuming any dairy whatsoever, his symptoms improved.  Now, some people might think, "Oh my gosh!  I can't live without dairy!"  (I would probably say the same thing about beans, since our almost-vegetarian diet requires a lot of legumes.)  But I'm already into the lactose-free world (we recently became coconut milk consumers), so this isn't that much of a sacrifice.

 I take that back: it wasn't much of a sacrifice until I realized that the dark chocolate chips that I was shoving into my mouth this afternoon contain milkfat.  Charming and delightful...NOT!  Sigh.  Steve says that we will research which chocolate types contain milk products.  Until then, I will marvel at effect that going non-dairy can have on losing that post-partum pudge.

Edmund has turned into a much happier camper lately.  He sleeps fabulously at night, takes long naps during the day, and has started entertaining us with his ridiculous facial expressions.  When he isn't plagued by the results of my eating a bunch of dairy, Edmund is so very relaxed and chill.  I feel like he is serenely surveying his surroundings and making mental notes.  He is serious, like Harriet, but he seems to be serious in a less intense way.  He is adorable and growing like a weed.  We lubs him so very much.

Harriet is crazy and we love her for it.  She can sing all of the Hide Em in Your Heart songs and say all of the introductions to the songs.  She categorizes everything: stickers, toys, writing utensils, you name it - they all have to be sorted into the right categories.  She continues to love to read and is becoming increasingly interested in longer and more involved books.  I can say a line from one of her books and she finds the correct book on the shelf.  Her current favourite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear and we read it five hundred times a day.

This is starting to sound like a Christmas letter.

Merry Maundy Thursday to all, and to all a good night!

(and I really hope I find my camera.)