Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Talk VI

One of the interesting things about having grown up in a small town is that people know that I am a former Hajda, but since there are so many Hajdas it is easy to get me mixed up with some of the others.  It doesn't help that I vanished off the face of the planet while attending ~3 years of school.  The point of all of this is that Clara gets confused for being me when it comes to the whole expecting a Baby thing.  Folks are constantly asking her, "So are you the one expecting the baby?" or making the comment to her husband, "I hear your wife is expecting a baby."  (To which he replies, "Well, that's news to me.")

In processing this confusing phenomenon, I begin to wonder, Do people think that Clara looks pregnant?  (She most certainly doesn't - since she isn't, after all.)  Do people think that I have gained about 30 pounds in my abdomen for no good reason?  Do people really know the difference between us, or when Clara really does have a baby will they think it was the longest gestation period in history?  It's weird.  We were somewhat glad when all of us string-playing Hajdas (and former Hajdas) performed for the hospital volunteer luncheon, since the guest list consisted of the majority of news-sharing individuals and I was definitely wearing maternity clothes.

After the performance, I ran into an older couple outside.
Wife: Oh, I see you are expecting.
Me: Yes, in July.
Husband: Well, you women will do that, won't you?

Ahem.  Yep, sir, I just pushed a little "Play" button when I thought that it was time to have a kid.

Steve had a good response to a pregnancy comment the other day.  A gal about our age (who is also expecting in July) asked if our pregnancy was planned or unplanned.  Steve nicely said, "Well, I guess you could say that it was unplanned because we weren't worried about planning it."  This response serves the purpose of involving the sovereignty of God in the creation of new life, while keeping the questioner feeling friendly toward you.  I'm going to use it again if the opportunity arises.

I broke down and went to a garage sale to buy baby clothes - pink baby clothes.  I came away with 10-12 summer outfits for a 0-3 month girl, including oodles of onsies, for only $8.  They are darling.  If Harriet is really Edmund, then he will just have to wear pink outfits for a while.


Laura said...

OOoh my ~ the joys of having sisters close in age. 0_o Makes the issues Sarie and I have . . . look so simple. ;)

Melinda said...

You'd think it'd be obvious which of you two is pregnant by now, huh??

The unplanned/planned comments are so rude. :-P They imply that unplanned=unwanted and planned=wanted, which is ughhh. It's nobody's business!

camijo said...

I should have known Steve would have a great response! After all, it couldn't happen according to our plans if it wasn't in His Plan and if it was in His Plan than nothing you could do would have stopped it! God has perfect timing in His Plan and I am glad He doesn't listen to mine! I tell people plan in pencil, only God plans in Ink!

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