Friday, May 14, 2010

Trip Prep and Other Things

The long awaited trip to the east is coming quickly upon us.  Steve is getting off early (like 3am) so that he can get more sleep.  I think I have everything ready to go: food purchased, maps printed, clothes packed, car tuned up, and so on.  After a long day of work (last day!) and a Shutterfly party here at the house, I'm feeling rather bushwhacked.  It'll be nice to just drive and drive and drive tomorrow.

Why are we going?  Our original plan for the trip was to visit Jerseyville, IL, again so that we could get a better feel for the church, hang out with the Georgeffs, and scout out a place to live.  Now that Steve has been accepted into Covenant Seminary (!!) our relocating and housing plans have changed, but we still want to visit the church and hang with the Georgeffs.  Plus it will make for a nice getaway before the Baby arrives.  Gotta sneak in that "babymoon," after all.

What are we planning to do?  Steve is preaching on Sunday morning.  We want to take advantage of the free things to do in St. Louis.  We want to see people in Kansas City on the way back.  I want to practice being purposeful in my photography, now that I have a coupon for a free photo book and all.

I hope Florianus doesn't wig out completely.  It's not that I'm particularly sad to leave him behind.  I just really dread the aftermath of incontinence upon our return.  It usually takes him about a week to progress from puppy to house-trained-dog stage again.  He ate a jalapeño today because I accidentally dropped one on the floor whilst making my morning supply of scrambled eggs, cheese, and jalapeños.  He is a very strange creature.

My reading list is varied these days: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (re-reading out loud with ze hubby), The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, and Three in a Bed (a book on the benefits of sleeping with your baby).  Maybe this trip will allow me to whittle some of these away so that there is room for other reading.  Steve got a bunch of interesting books today and I'd like to dive into those.

Farewell until Tuesday night!


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