Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesdays Unwrapped: The Everyday Weekend

I woke up in a rather grouchy mood this morning.  I couldn't think of anything beautiful to unwrap and expound on.  I think I was feeling moody because we had such a fabulous weekend and now it is over.  Back to hard day's nights again.  But as I thought about our weekend and just how deliciously usual and boring it was, I started to perk up and realize that the memory of it and the hope of another weekend like it in the future can make the humdrum of Monday and Tuesday nights substantially better.

Our weekend was wonderful because:

  • we played glow-in-the-dark mini golf at a the somewhat sleezy Big Apple Fun Center and laughed a lot.  
  • I got to walk around this silly old town with my Mom, and go to a garage sale and a book sale.
  • We figured out what was happening with the new lawn mower and Steve got the yard looking ship-shape.
  • I cleaned out my car and went to the automatic car wash for the first time.  That was cool.
  • We spent a lot of time talking on the couch.
  • We went to church for the first time in weeks and I was able to greatly benefit from the sermon without feeling compelled to critically analyze everything the guy said (do you know how long it's been since that has happened to me?  Three years at least).
  • We spent the afternoon worshiping with my parents and another family in the park and then took silly pictures.
  • We came home and took a three-hour nap.
  • We spent the evening making a weekly menu, going grocery shopping, eating frozen pizza, and reading on the couch until the wee sma's.
On this Tuesday, I am grateful for the beauty of a loverly, every day sort of weekend with my husband.  Praise God for this gift and for the grace to launch into another week.

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betweenthestacks said...

Do I spy...a tattoo on Amelia's ankle? :-) Is it a henna tattoo, by any chance? I'm just curious because I seriously have been considering getting one myself for my birthday this year. Trying to be daring and actually do it!

Miss Alissa said...

Oh, no the carwash! Does that mean the "just married" is no more;)?
Glad that you had a good weekend!

Amelia said...

Haha, yep, it's a henna tattoo and it's almost all gone. Levi did it on my ankle about three weeks ago and it has been really fun. Go for it!

Yes, Alissa, the Just Married is gone. I scrubbed it off. I figure that it's time for it to go when I'm getting out of the vehicle and looking decidedly pregnant.

Lisa said...

So glad you had a groovy weekend and that I got to spend some of it with you! (I'm assuming your phone died during our recent conversation, as per your warning last night after Jazzercise! :-))

betweenthestacks said...

Where did Levi get the henna tattoo kit? I've been poking about Amazon.com, but am leery because I've heard that certain kinds of henna can cause really bad allergic reactions. Any suggestions?

Clara H said...

Here's the kit we got:

I have super sensitive skin and it didn't bother me...I mean, it was itchy while it was drying, but no long term effects. My husband is amazing at henna, so you should let him do some on you. I have photos of the stuff he did on me...but I don't think they're quite internetable. Henna is such a happy, easy way to be a little more daring. I need some new stuff!

Clara H said...

And...that comment really doesn't make much sense, does it? :-p Tired Clara!

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