Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Talk IX

One more doctor visit down...one more to go?  I hope it turns out that way.  Or maybe this is the last one.  Who knows?  In short, everything looks groovy.  Baby Rodgers continues to be a cooperative little gal and is all positioned up, so the waiting game continues.  It's good, though, because we are enjoying the last few days of being just the two of us as we eagerly anticipate being the three of us.

I was reading some interesting things about preparing your pet for the arrival of a baby.  The list of tips included the owner using baby shampoo and lotion for a few weeks so the pet could get used to the smell, carrying around a baby doll, and even bringing home blankets and undershirts worn by the baby in the hospital and placing them in the pet's space.  Hmm.  These may be good ideas if we treated Florianus more like a person, or if in his canine state he was more prone to attacking small children, but since neither of these scenarios are the case, I think I'll just let this slide.  Florianus has always been particularly good around small children, and I doubt that babies will be a problem.  And if he develops a particularly naughty attitude after the arrival of Baby Rodgers we will deal with it.

We made a birth plan a few weeks ago and ran it by the head labor and delivery nurse up at the hospital, as well as our doctor.  They were very supportive of our preferences and seemed to indicate that the hospital staff would be flexible and willing to comply as much as possible.  After reading about so many situations to the contrary, I'm really grateful that we don't have to buck a well-established system or deal with folks who are rigid in their ways.  This is when living in a small town and having a small hospital has its perks.


Melinda said...

Ahhh, Harriet will be here soon! So exciting! :-D

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