Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Talk VIII

First off, I would like to say that I have the bestest grandmother and aunt on the planet.  They threw a totally awesome baby shower for Baby Rodgers a few weeks ago.  Not only was it filled with lots of pink, but I didn't have to do anything embarrassing.  (Baby showers are somewhat less nerve-wracking than bridal showers due to the reality that people aren't going to give you any awkward lingerie.  Clara thought she would be funny and put her gift in a Victoria's Secret bag, but I already knew what was contained therein.  Ha.)  Steve and I spent the next day setting everything up, and now we have a beautiful rocker/glider, stroller, car seat (properly installed, I might add), and crib/playpen/bassinet/thingie.  We have more fun toys, books, clothes, bath items, goes on and on.  We even have the super-cute diaper bag all packed up and ready to go.  We are definitely blessed with very thoughtful and generous family and friends.  This Baby is certainly going to be spoiled.

As far as Baby Rodgers herself is concerned, the weekly appointments reveal that she, too, is all set up and ready to go.  I'm of the opinion that she is trying alternative methods of escape, namely digging and poking out of my side at about midnight each night.  She is very diligent in this activity which lends to the probability that she has inherited her father's ability to stay up late and her mother's inability to sit still for very long.

I made 21 frozen meals today in five hours.  I was super-tired and didn't feel like seeing a casserole for a long time after it was all done, but I trust that these efforts will be worth it during the weeks when nobody feels like cooking.  We have three bags of chili, two bags of veggie jambalaya, two pans of chicken enchiladas, two pans of burritos, two pans of spaghetti casserole, two pans of lasagna, two pans of turkey and wild rice casserole, two pans of alpine meatballs, two pans of meatball casserole, and two pans of Santa Fe chicken.  Did I count right?  That is 21 isn't it?  I have to say that while I don't think the whole once-a-month cooking is my thing (I like cooking too much to turn it into a one-day marathon), it was a positive experience.  I was glad that I spent the time planning which meals to make, assembling an accurate grocery list, and acquiring the necessary storage containers/labels.  It was also good to stick with casseroles that had either chicken or beef or beans as the main protein, with rice or noodles as the "filler."  Saving prep time by cooking the same things at once was very helpful.

Oh dear, so much for talking about Baby.  This post should be titled "Casserole Talk I".

 Is the due date really two weeks from today?  Crazy, I tell you.  The great thing is that tonight is Steve's last night on his regular schedule before the plant goes into its yearly Shut Down - so he will have the next several weeks completely off.  I hope that Baby comes sooner rather than later so that we will have more time to adjust while he is off of work, but I also know that my ideals and reality will probably be different.  In any case, we're excited (and nervous).


Miss Alissa said...

I'm so excited for you guys:)

Melinda said...

Way to go on all the frozen meals! It took me (and Jenny) several weeks to get that many in the freezer. Too bad we didn't have the efficiency of Miss Jenny Wren!

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