Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Which We Buy a House (and Destroy a Shuttlecock)

"OK.  So we're headed to...."

(Apparently sending a text like this sends future grandmothers into cardiac arrest.  I can't imagine why.)

"...the title office."

Finally, after a year of waiting and wondering and waiting some more, we have purchased our house.

Here we are at closing this afternoon.  I actually remembered my camera and was brave enough to take some pictures.  It's so weird to be done with all of the crazy paperwork and meetings to explain paperwork and phone calls to resolve paperwork issues.  What are we going to do without our daily conversation with Irv the Swerve, Loan Officer?  Steve has been so persistent through this whole ordeal, for which I am extremely grateful as I probably would have thrown a bucket of tears at the mortgage company and given up.  But now here we are in our very own house.

We really are more excited than this photo depicts but this was post-badminton and we were tired, sweaty, and itchy.

Speaking of badminton, we have a net strung up on our clothesline in the backyard and we occasionally grab our two functional rackets and shuttlecocks and head out to prove how terrible we are at the sport.  Tonight showed some improvement (I think we got the shuttlecock back and forth over the net about 4 times in a row at one point) and we played until this happened:

"For parties...for weddings!"  Or funerals.  We hummed taps as we bore the deceased shuttlecock to the sideyard.

Steve got busy with the shovel and we had a proper ceremony.

"From petroleum you were formed, to...dust you shall return?"

Rest in peace, little shuttlecock.  You gave us cause for many disgusted remarks and grimaces.

(Then we played Horse over in the Catholic Church parking lot's basketball "court."  And I royally lost.)


Melinda said...

Congratulations! On both accomplishments. ;-)

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