Monday, November 1, 2010

Harriet at Sixteen Weeks

Even though we don't "do" Halloween, who can resist dressing a baby up in a ballerina costume?  I certainly can't.

Here is HarriEd at the Bunco costume party last week.

She wore her ballerina outfit from her Great! Aunt Paula.

Please look at the Baby and not my freaky mother.

Anthony and HarriEd were the Bunco Babies, born just two weeks apart.
Harriet is nearly four months old and she is acting like it.  She likes to sit and survey her varied surroundings and look generally wise.  When she is not being the center of attention (but really has no particular needs) she makes grinding noises or squeaking door noises until we talk to her.  Then she starts laughing and "talking" back.  She loves to be in rooms with loud music, so Jazzercise, Rock Band and family practice nights are quite swell.

Harriet's primary trick for the week was learning that Peek-a-Boo is really an exhilarating game.  Steve threw his coat over the top of her carseat and from underneath, in the darkness, we heard a little, "Hee, hee."  We pulled off the coat, said "Boo!" and she erupted into squeals of laughter.  We played Peek-a-Boo again over the next few days, and now whenever I just say "Boo!" she starts chuckling.  Silly Baby.

I also have blackmail material to share at her graduation party or with her future spouse: every morning, before she is fully awake, Harriet lets out the loudest toot you have ever heard.  At first I thought it was Steve, and I was going to give him a bit of a whack, but then Harriet let out another one to prove that she was indeed the supplier of the foghorn farts.  It is so very loud and so extremely ridiculous that I start laughing every morning.  I suppose that it is a good way to wake up, even if it is at her expense.

Oh dear.  

The child doth sleep, and I need to scurry around and get my 'umble abode ready for the company of some dear friends who arrive this evening.  Tally ho!


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