Friday, January 21, 2011

Harriet at Six Months

This child is growing like sweet corn in the summertime!  Here are few HarriEd highlights of the past few weeks.

  • She is eating baby food.  Yes, it's true.  I had been holding off to make sure that she was really ready before we dove headlong into the world of pulverized vegetables, but apparently her six month birthday was the magic time to begin.  And she is really, really ready.  After being introduced to sweet potatoes last Saturday, HarriEd taste for the orange stuff has progressed to the point of eating half of a jar of it in one sitting.  While bouncing along in the Bronco on Monday, she ate 3/4 of a jar of sweet potatoes and devoured an entire teething biscuit.  She was a happy little clam.  Maybe she has just been hungry?  My goal is to make all of her baby food from the raw fruits and vegetables and to make cereal from the actual whole grains, but moving has put a hold on that endeavor.  Earth's Best Organic baby food and cereal is a great substitute in the meantime.  This afternoon we tried rice cereal and bananas and she made a face of extreme disgust and spit it out.  Hmm.
  • She can sit up completely on her own.  She will also reach for things, grab them, and pull herself back up to sitting repeatedly.  She also loves to pull herself up with my fingers and stand for a while.
  • She loves to eat paper.  Apparently she thinks she needs more fiber in her diet.  Tags are her biggest downfall.  
  • She will stare at herself in the mirror and squawk like a parrot.
  • She finds beards to be particularly interesting facial features and will attempt to pull them off of the owner.
  • And, lastly but most importantly, she has TWO new teeth.  HarriEd has been teething for months, or so it seems, and finally Tooth #1 popped through on Sunday night.  This morning brought out Tooth #2.  (I can't believe she is old enough to have two teeth.  Crazy!)  She seems very pleased with herself for this development.  We are pleased parents since this will hopefully alleviate some of our sleepless nights.
Most pictures of Harriet look like this:

Cameras are just so interesting.

Here she is with some baby food.
Yay, rice cereal.