Friday, January 28, 2011

Snippets and Snapshots from the week (Jan 22-28)

  • The Bronco died this week.  Well, it's not completely dead, but it is getting close.  The clutch has been giving us fits for the entire winter, and since we arrived in IL it has been nearly impossible to drive.  The shop says that the Bronco needs a new clutch to the tune of $1250.  Gulp.  We really don't want to put that much money into a vehicle with nearly 300,000 miles on it.  So now in the midst of everything else, we are looking for a new car and trying to determine the wisest plan of action as far as Money and No Job Yet is concerned.  Being a grown-up is weird.

I guess the lid is organic, too

  • HarriEd likes baby food from jars.  I hope that this isn't an indication that she prefers processed foods over raw, but since she is six months old and I am a persuasive cook, I doubt her tastes will linger in this area for too much longer.  In the meantime, she is enjoying pears, sweet potatoes and prunes.  Rice cereal is still an absolute and resounding NO.  (Here, precious mommy, let me spit all of this white goop back in your face.)
  • I'm still wondering why God gave me, the girl who needs space, a child who likes to remain on my body for the significant portion of the day and definitely all night.  But she's so cute, how can I resist?  And her sad face is enough to melt the hardest of hearts.

They usually get along just fine, I promise.

  •  We have been blessed to be able to stay at the G's house this week while they are off visiting folks in distant lands.  It has been so nice to be able to cook food and have a consistent place to sleep and have a sort-of normal routine for HarriEd.  
  • I went to Zumba this week for the first time.  Wowsers.  The Zumba toning class totally kicked my butt.  I obviously haven't been able to exercise consistently for the past few weeks, but I have tried to sneak it in when I can.  But apparently I was unprepared for dancing with weights and completing a ridiculous number of squats and lunges.  It was fun, though!  And I think that it will be an adequate substitute for the beloved Jazzercise.  (However, I must say that major props go out to Yellow Kim and Black Kim for being the most coordinated, in-shape exercise instructors I know.)

Le maison

  •  We are hoping to get fully moved in by tomorrow.  Steve is over at the new place now to assist in moving the major appliances and I plan on going over later and doing some cleaning.  Hooray!
  • The job hunt continues.  Steve has applied for close to forty different opportunities and has only heard back from one...which happens to be 1.5 hours away.  Blah.  OH!  He has some sort of interview on Monday with an office position for an insurance company.  Pray!

Birthday flowers from Clevi.

  •  The celebrated meal of the week has been Pistachio Crusted Chicken with Avocado Dressing.  Yep, we made in twice: once on my birthday and then again the other evening.  It's crazy easy and so stinkin' delicious and totally healthy.  The best part?  Make an extra piece or two of chicken and have a yummy chicken salad sandwich the next day.

HarriEd waiting for her daddy to get out of his Bible Content exam.
  • We traveled down to Covenant twice this week - once on Monday for the general orientation and then again on Tuesday for an entrance exam.  The campus is nice and small and the folks are friendly.  There are lots of people with babies and children, so I like that.  I was told that one family from the UK came with one child and now four years later, they are leaving with five.  Oh boy.  (I would guess that maybe another desperate family gave some kids to the UK family, but I believe it to be otherwise....)  The biggest difference between Bible college and seminary?  No long list of rules at the orientation (no rules at all, actually) and the place is swarming with men.  
  • Well, HarriEd is demanding my attention by attempting to make the Great Escape of the Century from her Bumbo chair.  Tally ho!