Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teeny-tiny Goals Part One: Introverted Goals

This is super-late, I know.  All of the New Years posts on self-improvement and vision for the upcoming months are history.  But I actually did make some goals for 2011 and, thanks to the many hours spent on the road over the past few weeks, I've had a chance to refine them further in my mind.  Now I want to write them down.

Now having goals is really important for me because I want to get things done in life, but without a plan I tend to waffle around.  Focus, Amelia!  In the past I have been able to set really big and exciting goals because, well, I dictated my own time.  Now with the amazing HarriEd, things are really different.  In order to accomplish any of my goals I have to resize them into teeny-weeny segments and very realistic expectations.  Does this feel like under-achieving?  Yes, it does.  But will I achieve anything if I don't set goals?  Probably very little.  So here we go.

I mentally organized my list of goals into two categories: introverted goals and extroverted goals.  Here are the introverted goals I hope to reach this year.

  1. Pray more.  I want to start and keep a prayer journal with personal requests and the requests of others.  Steve and I have begun praying together as a couple, too.
  2. Read at least one book a month.  I probably already do this, but I wanted to have a specific goal to meet in this area, anyway.  I was reading in John Piper's Think about how we have to exercise our brain in the area of reading.  If we don't read then we get out-of-shape in our brain.  My reading brain certainly feels out of shape these days and that's something that definitely needs to be remedied.  This month I'm working on Jerry Bridges' The Discipline of Grace.
  3. Start a regular Bible study.  We are reading the Bible through with the ESV reading schedule, but I desire to start a personal study time.  This will probably happen during HarriEd's first nap of the day.  I'm looking at getting one of these studies, or maybe even a Beth Moore one.  Any suggestions are welcome!
  4. Make wardrobe changes.  I'm pretty sure that the majority of my wardrobe consists of clothes that I bought when I was sixteen.  Maybe it isn't that bad, but I'm ready to move into a more mature realm of dressing without sacrificing cuteness or the budget.  So, I want to  make small changes to my wardrobe through the purchase of classic pieces and the creation of adorable accessories.  
  5. Building the Etsy store.  Again, I'm thinking small here: small baby clothes, small accessories, small items for interior decorating, anything that I can create in an afternoon or in a series of 15 minute intervals.  This makes me crazy excited and I cannot wait to dig out my sewing machine and get started.
There you go.  The list of introverted goals.  Maybe I'll be able to give little updates here and there about how it's all going.  Now I need to go take advantage of the napping child and read some more....

Have a splendid day, everybody!