Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little project

Yesterday started out rather roughly.  It actually started at precisely 3am when the illustrious Harriet decided that it was just the right time to launch into an inexplicable temper tantrum that lasted for an. hour.  Now, I don't go to bed particularly early because Steve doesn't get home particularly early - and there is something about that uninterrupted husband time that is rather vital to my sanity.  So when H started screaming when I had had about 2 hours of sleep, I was not terribly enthused.  She slept restlessly until 8am when my alarm went buzzing off under my pillow (I had neglected to turn it off after getting up for church on Sunday).  Then she started screaming again as if she were offended to discover that she had ever stopped.  Brilliant.  After whining through her breakfast and getting-dressed routine, I made the maternal decision to plop down with her on the couch and watch an episode of the Wiggles.  Oh blessed Wiggles.  Forty-five minutes later, Harriet was sufficiently recovered to behave quite splendidly for the rest of the day.  And although I was exceedingly tired, having a not cranky child was delightful.

But this post is about a project, right?  You see, Harriet slept for over two hours yesterday afternoon.  It was incredible.  I finished my schoolwork for the week and promptly marched downstairs to work on a sewing project.  I saw this bag on Pinterest and immediately fell in love.  I need a bag to tote my Jazzercise mat and weight around in and my drawstring bag was completely falling apart.

I made the bag from my absoballylutely favourite home dec fabric in the whole world...which was found on Pinterest as well.  (The fabric was actually the leftovers from my wondrous living room curtains - now I can carry my favourite fabric around with me!)This yoga bag is fully lined and has three pockets on the outside to carry keys, cellphone, water bottle, etc.  There isn't a whole lot of room for the weights in the pockets, so I roll them up inside my mat and that works swell.

As typical with Amy Butler patterns, the instructions leave nothing to the imagination and sometimes this attention to detail made the instructions not very clear at all.  I read through them, got the global picture, and then kind of took off on my own.

At one point in the process I realized that I was mentally narrating everything I was doing.  With a British accent.  That, my friends, is how you know I'm completely zoned out and in my happiest of places.

I was so excited to take my bag to Jazzercise.  When I got there I discovered that we were going to do the entire routine without the mat and weights.  Bah.  Oh well, I'll have something to show off next week.

(January 10th 
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