Friday, January 6, 2012

What I Managed to Create Over Christmas Break

I start classes again on Monday.  Instead of taking five classes at once, I'm only taking two: The Literature of C.S. Lewis and Conflict Resolution.  This semester is going to be a breeze - a much desired breeze since the advent of Baby Edmund will undoubtedly increase my responsibility levels.  But what better way to reduce stress than by reading Lewis?  I can't think of many.

In any case, I wanted to do something purposefully craft-y before the blessed break came to an end.  I wanted to get the supplies for a project and actually finish it - something that rarely happens as evidenced by the chest of drawers and 3-4 Rubbermaid tubs stuffed with fabric and unfinished projects.  Steve remains gracious and encouraging and said that I could buy the yarn to make the H a sweater.  I found this pattern on Pinterest and bought brown yarn with a hint of a gold sparkle.  And after crocheting off and on for nearly a week, I have the final results:

Let me just say that I LOVE this crochet pattern.  The stitch pattern created a tight but flexible design which is perfect for a toddler's sweater.  It doesn't oooze and lose its shape like so many other crocheted sweaters.  The sizing was also super accurate.  I compared the measurement of the 12-month size to teeny-tiny Harriet and it was perfect.  

The obligatory Cousin Hug.  We are trying to convince Harriet that she will never remember a time when she did not have matchy-matchy pictures with Jemima.  Clara and I feel that this is only fair after all of the matchy-matchy pictures we had to endure.

Anyways, I'm really pleased with how the sweater turned out.  It feels great to have a completed project on my super cute stinker of a kid.