Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top Five of Parenting (thus far)

I saw this neat post idea over at Maybe Matilda (check her blog out for some super cute crochet tutorials and general fun-ness) and I thought to my little self, "I need to regain some perspective on parenting the H, especially before Baby E arrives.  This looks like a fun way to go about doing it."  And in all reality, I like doing writing activities that trigger new lines of thought.  So here we go: the top five of various aspects of parenting Harriet.  These are in no real order, just as they come to mind.  I'm sure I will forget something, but who's perfect?  Not me.

Top Five Victories

  1. Getting Harriet to sleep through [most] of the night and to go to bed three hours before I do.  Those of you with needy nighttime children can understand how much of a victory this is.
  2. Nursing for 11+ months successfully.  Breastfeeding made me nervous prior to H's birth because I was afraid to mess it all up.  Thankfully, that didn't happen and she was more than enthusiastic.
  3. Teaching Harriet to enjoy all sorts of delicious food.
  4. Not succumbing to Harriet's whining when I know that I'm the Mom and I'm in charge.
  5. Having a little girl who genuinely wants to be around me.

Top Five Defeats
  1. Feeling pressured to do certain parenting things just because everybody else is doing/talking about them.
  2. Knocking H's head on the door when I picked her up after she fell off of the bed (tons and tons of screaming).
  3. Feeling like I'll never be able to do enough.
  4. Letting H get away with bad sleeping habits for much too long.
  5. Being inconsistent with my decisions just because I want H to be quiet for two seconds.

Top Five Awesome Things She Does
  1. Harriet loves, loves, loves to sing and dance.  It is beyond adorable.
  2. She loves to be around other people, especially her aunts and uncles and cousin, and genuinely expresses interest and concern for them.
  3. She totally helps me cook and put laundry away.
  4. She can "read" What's Your Sound, Hound the Hound? like a pro.
  5. She loves to be chased and tickled by Steve and then follows up her squealing with a disapproving, "Daaaaddddy...." 

Top Five Baby Purchases

  1. The SleepyWrap now-called Boba Wrap.  I would not have survived without that thing.  Not in a million years.
  2. Indestructible book
  3. Stroller 
  4. The Baby Book
  5. Hyland's Calms Forte

Top Five Conflicting Feelings

  1. Wanting time for myself vs. not wanting to just plug Harriet into the Wiggles.  Again.
  2. Feeling inadequate vs. knowing I'm the best mom for H.
  3. Needing sleep vs. wanting to get up and spend the morning with her.
  4. Loving how she loves to spend time with others vs. wanting to spend all of the time with me.
  5. Thinking that I'm the only one who can parent correctly vs. letting others give me a break.

Top Five Traits I Want Her to Develop
  1. Saving relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. A brain that can really think, but is able to relate to people.
  3. A love of books and England and Playmobil and learning (most of all)
  4. A desire to serve her family and to be a good big sister
  5. The knowledge that her worth is not based on her being a good girl.

Top Five Pieces of Advice Thus Far

  1. You know your own kid better than anybody else and you know what is best for her.
  2. Harriet is truly a high-maintenance baby.  You aren't insane.
  3. When all activities fail, read.
  4. It's okay for her to scream sometimes...and it's okay for her to be weaned.
  5. Use Lansinoh.

Top Five Perks of Being Harriet's Mommy

  1. Getting squeezing hugs.
  2. Having people notice what a cutie-patootie she is.
  3. Sewing outfits for her.
  4. Dancing around the house to Wiggles songs.
  5. Watching her become her own unique, intelligent, insightful, purposeful person.

(January 11 - 3 yellow things that strike you as fresh mercy: my beautifully cheerful yellow walls, my yellow Fiestaware dishes, and yellow Emergen-C which perks me up when my body says otherwise.

January 12 - Something above you: the amazing stars which Harriet now points out to me.
Something below you: my sewing/crafting spot in the basement which brings so much personal creative fulfillment.
Something beside you: snuggling in the security of Steve every night - not just on four-nights-off.)