Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday night ramblings

Steve isn't back from work yet.  This is the second night in a row that he has been rather late.  There is chocolate pudding cake waiting for him on the counter and it's in his best interest to get home soon so that I don't eat it all.

I had a very pleasant birthday, thank you all very much.  Several things about my twenty-fifth birthday stand out:

  1. I decided that turning twenty-five is a pleasant, mid-twenties-with-children sort of feeling.  And I really like it.
  2. I thought that it was really the best idea to make my own Fun on my birthday, so I did.  I received several coupons associated with all of the silly rewards cards that I have (Qdoba, Starbucks, Runza, etc.), so I used as many as possible and that was fun.  I also finished a quilt that I started a whole year ago and generally made the choice to be in good spirits and not let the crummy weather or Sunday sleepiness affect me.
  3. Steve did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.  Since I abhor cleaning the kitchen this was the best gift he could give.  He also gave me flowers.  And he was called "ma'am" many times at the Runza drive-thru which made me laugh really super hard.
  4. Since 2006, I have only spent one other birthday with my family.  It's really special to hang out together, eating lettuce wraps, wonton soup, chocolate trifle, and getting such thoughtful gifts.  Hooray for The Food Matters Cookbook, a pedicure gift certificate, earrings, a CD of all of the pictures of Harriet, and moolah for a post-pregnancy wardrobe update.
Here is the husband after all.  Goodnight!