Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Le Creuset

Last night, after birth class, Runza, and watching part of A Gentleman's Agreement with Clevi, we all noticed a very strong burning smell. It was obviously coming from somewhere outside, but it increased and increased as the night wore on. Later, Steve and I were smelling it as we attempted to go to sleep.

Steve: I hope someone knows that something is burning. I mean, we could be the only ones and we won't have called the fire department because we're lazy and we want to go to bed.
Yeah. I don't want to be burnt to a crisp.
Steve: It's nice not to have any real attachments to our possessions, though.
I've often thought about what I would grab if we had a fire.
Steve: I say we just grab the pots and go. That's easy.

Yes, we are both madly in love with our set of Le Creuset pots and baking ware. As I pondered our insufferable infatuation today at work, I made a list of ten reasons why we love Le Creuset. Here goes.
  1. They come in adorable colors. Who wouldn't want to cook with such cheerful colors staring back at you?
  2. They say "Made in France" on the bottom.
  3. They clean up beautifully. Seriously, I had this meatloaf crusted in the bottom of this little fellow and without even giving it a chance to soak, the nasties came off with the Octopus Scrubber. Right away. Joy.
  4. They can be used as a weapon. The enameled cast iron would definitely succeeded in laying someone out if it met their head. I feel confident in my kitchen.
  5. They are featured on Julie and Julia. We love that movie, and the Le Creuset sealed the deal.
  6. The enameled stoneware/cast iron does away with all of the fumes and contamination of Teflon. It's environmentally friendly! (Okay, that's cheesy, but whatever.)
  7. There are tons of matchy-matchy accessories. My personal favourite is the most recent addition of Le Creuset to our kitchen: the Utensil Crock in the Dijon color.
  8. They double as exercise equipment, for much of the same reasons as No. 4.
  9. It was Steve's idea to put them on our wedding registry.
  10. They make food friendly. And that makes us happy.
Hurrah for Le Creuset(!).

Pardon the messy stove.


JennyD said...

I didn't know you had a blog, Amelia!!! SO glad you do! :-D (Melinda pointed it out to me.) Hopefully we can keep track of each other a little bit better since our phone calls seem to be sporadic at best. ;-)

Laura said...

I am determined to have CHERRY red Le Creuset one day. *happy sigh*

Melinda said...

Oh, I love your pots!

Lisa said...

Maybe I would enjoy cooking if I had adorable pots. Hmm...Mother's Day is coming up....

BeckyLove said...

hurray! Glad to know your cookware is good to you.
This summer We got to feel what it was like to run from a fire. The town we lived in was surrounded by a forest that was actually on fire! While it came within 5 miles, we weren't cooked but we did choose to evacuate and had to decide what was worth taking and what we could stand to loose. In the end: Steve's Guitars, Our Bibles, Kitty (my life-long friend and stuffed cat), pictures and important documents. It was weird and strangely comforting to be at peace with loosing almost all our possessions. We gave them to God and He let is keep 'em. Man, are we ever blessed. So that was a long comment. Sorry. :)

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