Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

This was my second Valentine's Day with A Guy.  Last year we were both plugging away at school, praying about where our relationship was going (maybe I was...Steve seemed to know where it was going as revealed less than ten days later), flirting with text messages while I did dishes in the dining hall.  This year we are married and loving it.  Crazy.  There weren't dozens of roses, or chocolates, or sappy cards this year, but I will tell you what my husband gave me:
  •  He did cleaned the kitchen and tidied up the living room while I was having a crazy Saturday morning at work so that I didn't have that extra responsibility when I got home.
  • He enthusiastically helped me plan and execute not only one but two Valentine's Day dinners (for Mom and Dad, and Tim and Sheree), plus a party for the kids.  This included shaping orange gummy candies into hearts and shoving them into half-congealed jello, providing perspective when the chocolate mousse decided to adhere itself to the whisk, and making four totally amazing filet mignon steaks.  And running to rent two movies for the babysat heathens.  And doing...something...with the massive pile of clean clothing that we didn't have time to put away before guests arrived.  Genius, I tell you!
  • He made time to sit down with me and hold me while I cried from the sheer exhaustion of the past week.  (He never gets crabby with my emotional train wrecks.)
  • He dressed up all snappy for church, even though it made him feel silly (I thought it was great).
  • He made reservations at the Sandstone Bar and Grill for dinner.
  • He canceled the reservations and took me out for Chinese food when we realized that we were too tired and cold to drive over an hour for dinner.
  • He read four chapters in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as we tried to digest our exorbitant amount of Chinese food.
  • He made sure that I was warm.
  • He snuggled up with me as we watched three hours of the Olympics together.  Just us.
  • He kept telling me how happy he is, and how beautiful I am, and how wonderful is this silly little life of ours.
Yep, I'm loved and I know it.  Thank the Lord for Steve!


Lisa said...

I think you were made for each other. :-) (Btw, those steaks were A-MAZING!! I can't thank you two enough!!)

Amelia said...

Haha, I know. I want him to make me some steaks like that now.

JRodge said...

*sigh* Real life can be super sweet!

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