Thursday, February 25, 2010

One project down, a million to go

A few weeks ago I finally figured out how to thread my serger and actually do some serging with it.  This past week, I learned how to apply it to super-fun project.  I have a fetish for vintage patterns from the 50s and 60s, and every time the Hospital Auxiliary Rummage Sale comes around, I go digging through the cardboard boxes full of patterns make out like a bandit (hey, even one or two good ones makes it a success, right?).  This McCalls pattern from 1967 is definitely a keeper:

I had some fantastic maroon fabric already on hand as well as a neat-o rhinestone button, so I just needed to get the underlining, thread and a zipper.  Out came my sweet little 1956 Singer sewing machine and the serger, and away I went:

I know that serging is old hat for some folks, but it was a thrill to actually get it to work.  I was tickled to be able to produce a tidy, professional finish to my seams.  Whee!

 A few days later, behold the dress!


Things I love about this pattern:
  • simple, no nonsense instructions (they write the instructions assuming that [wow] a person can sew
  • the simplicity in fitting the dress due to the slimming princess-line seams
  • the underlining of everything but the sleeves (this made the hemming process amazing - no obnoxious hemline to try to steam out)
  • the elbow darts on the sleeves
  • the snappy stand up collar and groovy button
Things I could live without:
  • the strange technique for sewing the interfacing to the neckline facing.  I know that this pattern was made before the days of fusible interfacing, but the instructions were like no other I have ever experienced.
  • the sleeves had way too much extra fabric to ease into the armhole.  I definitely think a bit of that could have been done away with and the sleeves would have eased in just fine.
So there you go.  One project least four more to go before I can allow myself to buy new craft/sewing supplies.  Since Baby Rodgers refuses to make himself/herself known these days, I guess this gives me one more month to whittle down the previously started projects before making baby things.


Laura said...

SQUEE!! It's so 'That Girl - LOVE it!

Melinda said...

Very nice!

BeckyLove said...

WOW this turned out Gear or Fab or something 60's Lovely. Can't wait to come have lessons. :)

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