Monday, February 22, 2010

The New 'Do and Other Things

I get these urges to do something and that usually means doing something to the rambunctious mop that situates itself upon my head.  People ask, "Are you scared to get your hair cut?"  Yes and no.  Yes, because I usually get these great ideas of how it is supposed to look and rarely does the finished product match those imaginations.  No, because the tendency of the hair is to grow back at a furious rate.

So on Wednesday, I went and got quite a bit lopped off. 

Overall, it's easy to care for, but it requires a good straightener for the bangs and my little $5 purchase from Rob's 2.5 years ago just doesn't do the job anymore. 

In other news, we're ready for spring.  I keep thinking about seed catalogs and gardens, but it's much to early to start that project.  I'm also thinking about gluten-free diets, how guys and gals view time management (maybe I'll take a poll), and trying out a new cookie recipe each week (no, that doesn't exactly work with the gluten-free idea, but whatever).

But this afternoon includes Greek with Mr. Wonderful, making a menu, and finishing a project.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.


Laura said...

Ooo la! I love the new do!

BeckyLove said...

You look smarvelous.

Sara said...

Mama and I tried a 2-week gluten free challenge last month and it was really easy. With some corn noodles and Sam-i bread, the difference was barely noticeable. All that I missed was bagels, soft pretzels and doughnuts (and cake), but those are kind of treats anyway... :) Of course as soon as we began, the baking bug kicked in.

Love the hair!

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