Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Harriet at Four Months

My little baby is four months old today!  (Or actually this morning at 3:33am, to be precise.)  Four months is my favourite infant age of all: they can really interact with others, entertain themselves with toys and basically do other baby-ish things besides sleeping, eating and pooping.  And it's such a happy little period before the dreaded time of teething.

I just absolutely cannot believe that Harriet is this old.  I remember looking at her in her newborn, alien-like state the day of her birth and hoping (praying!) that she would survive to four months.  (Not that it was a concern that she wouldn't, of course...but she was so small and I was so hormonal that four months felt like forty years away.)  Here we are!

Highlights of Harriet's week include liking to sit in the Bumbo chair, meeting two very sweet little boys, getting a slight cold (not. fun), and living it up at the area children's museum:

You can see more of Harriet's four month photo shoot at this here Picasa link:
Harriet at Four Months

Much thanks to her fantastical Auntie Clara with her amazing photography/editing skills!


Kylie said...

I just totally love that blue background with Harriet's blue top. Gorgeous. She is SO happy!
(And the astronaut shot of the two of you makes me smile!)

JRodge said...

Looooooooooove the pictures!!

JRodge said...

Daddy is so brave, introducing Harriet to that big rooster!

reddy set go said...

Ahh, she is ADORABLE! :)

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