Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harriet at Seventeen Weeks

 The other evening, Harriet refused to sleep on the Bronco ride home.  She zoned out during our late-night dinner at Pizza Hut.  She was droopy while I got her out of her carseat at home.  However, as soon as I laid her down on the bed to change her into her pajamas, she revived quite suddenly and launched into the most elaborate, detailed, expressive story a 4-month-old can conjure up.

It was at that point that I said, "You, Harriet, are just like your father."

Harriet likes to help cook from the comfort of her Bumbo.
Ways in which Harriet is like Steve:
  • She looks like him.
  • She has his saggy left eye, especially when she is sleepy.
  • She prefers one-on-one conversation to interacting in a group.
  • She will completely zone out in front of the television or video game.
  • She likes to talk.  To me.
  • She is happiest when she is being snuggled.
  • She needs food and she needs it now.
  • She likes classic rock music...the louder the better.
  • She would stay in her bathtub for hours if she were allowed.
  • She is rather melodramatic.

Turban-head Harriet gets ready for her bath.
 Ways in which Harriet is like me:

  • She desperately needs routine.
  • She likes to get up early and go to bed early.
  • She will only sleep if she is sleeping with someone else (namely, me).
  • She has to be busy doing something all. of. the.time.  No lolly-gagging around on the couch for her.
  • She makes similar expressions.
  • She likes Jazzercise.
  • She wears pink nearly every day.
  • She thrives on quality time.
  • She is quite melodramatic.
Note to father: if you give the kid caffeine, then you get to play with her all night.
Ways in which Harriet is not like Steve or me:
  • She likes to be constantly involved with the people around her.
  • She does not like to sleep.

This adorable pink snowsuit arrived in the mail this week without any indication of the giver.  Who's going to fess up?


Anonymous said...

She is a dearie. Just like you! (And Steve.:-))

JRodge said...

Exactly like her father!! LOL! He would be virtually silent all day, and then right about 11 pm, he would wander into my room, or my parent's room and start spilling out all of his heart's ponderings. Hilarious.

JRodge said...

Ok, I commented after only reading the first paragraph. I read the rest and it's adorable. I love the snow suit!
As far as her unaccounted for characteristics, the only one I know she might take after with the desire to be around people ALL THE TIME is her Auntie Boo. The not sleeping this is NOT a Rodgers characteristic in any form. We only don't sleep on nights of wild Rockband parties or when the need to pray results in insomnia. (God has to get your attention somehow.)

LeAnna said...

This cracked me up! What is it with kids. They are just sleepy at all the wrong times, I tell you what. I've missed your last few posts, boo! Typing with one hand takes so much longer... ;)

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