Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Rest

Resting is kind of a scarce thing in our little house these days.  Harriet is pushing her naptime and bedtime routines to new heights of insanity.  She rolls and hollers and generally avoids rest for as long as possible.  Then when she is finally asleep for the brief span of time, I emerge from the bedroom to see a pile of schoolbooks and a mountain of dishes and a to-do list as long as my body.

But I was thinking today that it really isn't an issue of how much I have to do, or how little sleep I get (thanks to the H).  It's really an internal issue.  There are these constant little voices saying things like

You aren't good enough.

You aren't skinny enough.

You aren't keeping Harriet in a good routine.

You can't keep the house clean to save your life.

You are so busy that you don't have time for your husband.

You fail.

That's where the real agitation lies.  True rest for me comes not from leaving the dirty dishes and sitting on the couch eating chocolate chip cookies.   True rest for me does not come from getting 10 hours of sleep (although that sounds really fabulous right now.  True rest comes from silencing those stupid niggling voices and just doing what I'm supposed to do.  As me.

 Am I resting in who I am as the person God created me to be?  More importantly, am I resting in who I am because of what Christ has done?  
I was really blessed by the post here. And I really like Five Minute Fridays.