Friday, September 16, 2011

Joy Today

It's pretty typical when I'm pregnant for me to think deeply depressing thoughts.  Maybe it's hormones (okay, maybe a lot) but I always get all caught up in One Day Steve Will Die and we won't have any more adventures together and we never had our Real Adventures anyway because we were living every day life....

And then I realize that I shouldn't watch Up when I'm pregnant.  Or ever.

So I am thinking about joy.  Real, deep joy that comes from recognizing that every good and perfect gift comes from God.  Every moment of sanctification comes from God and that's joyful, too.  So here's my snappy little Five Minute Friday post of joyful things.

Joy is:
 - when Steve gets home from work at night and no matter how rotten my evening is, we usually get a huge kick out of just Being together
 - Harriet leaving in her hair bows
 - having my spirit totally do an about face when I turned on the Newsboys' Adoration album when I really did not want to do the dishes
 - feeling the Baby #2 squirm in such a very small yet determined way
 - grinding fresh flour in my own mill
 - getting huge squeezing hugs from the one and only Harriet
 - finding myself crying again because really the joy is too much.