Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day at the lake

It was cool and ever so windy, but our afternoon cookout at the lake with friends was fantabulous.  Even in the pre-packaged Wally World burgers were a little weird.  (The hubby did a good job cooking them, however.)

Harriet loves her some Haddie and Judah.
 They spent most of dinner prep getting on and off of the parking curb-thingie.
After eating about 5 million tomatoes and getting them all over her face and shirt, it was time for Harriet to hit the beach.
Thanks to Judah for donating the shovel.
And the bucket.

The water was still pretty warm despite the chilliness of the wind.
Clara and Jemima-bean were there, too.  And Kylie and Nathan.  I'm sure people have lots of better pictures, but hey!  I remembered the camera this time.  Sadly, the muchly-loved s'more fest back at the S home was not documented.  It was a jolly good time.