Thursday, September 15, 2011

In which HarriEd is the main feature

If blog silence is a sign of busyness then this is definitely true for me.  Yeesh, life doesn't sit down and drink a latte very often...and neither do I.  (Although I did drink a decaf latte today made with our wonderful, glorious, hard-working espresso machine.  It was delightful and I was reminded that my days would be a lot more chill if I sat down and drank a latte when the afternoon gets edgy.)

There are lots of things to take pictures of -  like the totally paint job that my dear fambly performed on our house last Saturday. I have the Before pictures, which look appropriately awful with junk cluttering every surface, but the After pictures are still in the works.  I got the pictures back on the walls and most of the living room re-organdised before the Wretched End of Summer Cold attacked my personage.  Basically life stopped after that.  (I was glad it happened right after the first MOPS meeting of the year.  Hmm...stressed out Amelia and big fatty cold.  There couldn't be a connection there, eh?)  I'm going to take After pictures when the curtains are up, and the throw pillows are on the couch.  At least the bloggie bloggie motivates me to actually get this stuff done.  HGTV ready or not, my living room and bedroom look incredible.  And the basement was miraculously changed from Junk Dump Spot to Fun Family/Craft Room.  Heavenly!

I did upload some pictures of the HarriEd today.  That's what you get tonight, folks.

Zucchini pizza casserole is an all-time fave.  She eats more than I do. 

Harriet always uses her right hand for coloring, eating, etc.  Sorry, Grami Cami!  She also makes the sounds of letters every time she colors.

Houses are rockin' awesome and she will delight in one made out of boxes, baskets, chairs, or, in the case of this deluxe version, a blanket over a table.

Harriet will wear necklaces and scarves from the moment she gets up to the time she goes to bed.  And also hair barrettes.  She just doesn't take them off!  She also likes to fix things with screwdrivers.

What better way to spend time with your daddy than playing the drums?  (And wearing a lanyard.)

Harriet's latest venture into the land of adorableness is to really be interested in reading books.  She has a basket of her own books (along with some from the library) and will repeatedly bring them to me throughout the day.  Of course I have to sit down right then and read them to her.  Her favourite is the Tomie de Paola Nursery Rhymes.  I love it.  Harriet also finds great delight in The Wiggles DVDs that we pick out at the library.  She can do the whole Hot Potato song.  I need to get that on video.

Big thanks goes out to my mommy-dear who kindly took Harriet on an afternoon outing to the library, Dollar General, and the bakery.  Because of her efforts, I totally spanked an assignment to write an abstract on Ryrie's Dispensationalism, and I have a renewed sense of ability in my course-taking efforts.  All I need are two hours of uninterrupted time to think and suddenly I can produce papers like the good ol' days.

(Except that I wouldn't trade my current days of squeezing in online classes with the good ol' days of school for anything.  I am much happier with a hubby and a baby or two, thank you very much.)