Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Talk II

I had a freaky dream last night that I was in labor and I kept crying because I knew that we were only at 22 weeks and there was no way things would be okay.  Mom-in-my-dream said, "Oh, Amelia, the baby is really a lot bigger than you think it is.  The ultrasound is all wrong."  Steve-in-my-dream was trying to find the doctor's phone number and I was telling him that maybe everything would just stop and go away.  Then I woke up.  I like waking up from dreams about baby problems and jumping back into reality.  Phew.

So yes, here we are at 22 weeks and as fine as frog hair.  Apparently, the Baby is about as big as a papaya (about 10.5 inches) and can hear noises from the Outside.  Steve and I read so much out loud already that this kid should be well-acquainted not only with the Proverbs and with Isaiah, but also with John Steinbeck.  Yesterday I had the children's music station playing on Pandora while I was babysitting the heathens, so I also except the Baby to be ready to break out into Mr. Sun, or Here Sits a Monkey on a Chair, or Octopus' Garden.

In other news, I find it ironic that every time I have a slight concern about something (mostly from lack of information), one of my handy-dandy little "This Week with Your Baby" emails floats into my inbox and the problem is solved.  Case in point: the Baby's movements.  I had been feeling them off and on since week 18, but there was no consistency.  Some days the movements were definitely noticeable, and on other days I would feel them maybe once or twice.  Yesterday I learned that since the Baby is getting into regular sleep cycles, the movements will be felt often during the same time of the day.  Okay, check.  There is a definite punch in the gut at 6am, somersaults at 4pm and random dancing about before bed.  Also, the Baby may still be moving, but when I'm more active I won't feel things as much.  That makes sense as I spend the majority of my days being very active at work and the times I feel the baby are when I'm working on the computer, reading, or lying in bed.  And I counted the movements yesterday and we're getting ten definite movements in about 15 minutes, instead of ten in 2 hours.

I'm continuing to feel more energetic and less puke-y.  I still wake up feeling ravenously hungry, but I can't describe how wonderful it is not to have to eat all night long anymore.  We have been going to bed nice and early lately and the adequate amount of sleep does wonders.  And when I exercise and eat well (as in lots of healthy little meals and not stuffing myself at normal mealtimes...and not always getting french fries) that helps everything.  But doesn't it always, even when a person isn't pregnant?  (Okay, there's a rant to be had there, but that doesn't go with my overall theme of the post.  Shutting up.)

I started a registry on, mostly for books and music and such.  Steve has added some toys, but we really don't want a bunch of baby junk.  Just the happy little essentials.

All right.  Time to get this day going.


Joey said...

Twenty-two down, eh? Does that mean only 18 to go??? I'm ready. Bet you couldn't have guessed that. Love ya.

Sara said...

I love those 'This Week' emails. :) When Stacey was having Blake, she forwarded them to us every week. It was fun following along with how big our little nephew was getting!

Lisa said...

I was dreaming of the baby, too. One night, I had a dream in which we found out Josh and Pattie were expecting a baby due the same week as Baby Rodgers and I was so happy that they could play with each other. (That would be some long-distance playing, for sure.) The next night, I had a dream in which your baby looked like Marilyn Wainright, Jacob's dog grooming mentor.

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