Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Talk III

It can't be the third trimester already...can it?  Eeps!  That's exciting and freaky and mostly exciting.  If pregnancies always go this quickly, no wonder people have more than one kid.  Okay, I'll probably feel differently in mid-June...but this is the end of March and I don't need to worry about that right now.

I normally would be having a monthly appointment today, but since there are five Tuesdays in March, it is scheduled for next week.  This is throwing the world off.  I have received two phone calls asking if he/she is a Boy or Girl (including one from my eleven-year-old sister), and have had several people ask me, "So, how did it go?"  They were met with a rather muddled up expression from me.  I also totally spaced off going to babysit at MOPS today because it usually happens the week of my appointments (being the fourth Tuesday of every month).  Brilliant, I tell you.

This Baby is busy, busy, busy.  Sometimes I'll be standing behind the soda fountain at work with a silly look on my face because it feels like something is jumping up and down on an internal trampoline.  When I went to the doctor's to see if my horrific sore throat was strep (it wasn't), the doctor had to chase the Baby around with the dopplar-thingie for 10 minutes before he/she would sit still long enough to detect a heartbeat.  Silly Baby.

People are starting to make comments like, "When are you due?"  "Are you getting excited?"  "When's the big day?"  "Is this your first kid?" and so on.  The best comment happened on Sunday at Runza.

Me: places order
Lady-Behind-Counter: When are you due?
Me: July.
Lady-Behind-Counter: Wow.  Are you having twins?
Me: I don't think so.

Anyways, there you go.  And so we will wait another week to discover what He/She actually is.  If he/she refuses to cooperate yet again, I'm just going to start making stuff.  Enough is enough.


Melinda said...

Sounds like we both have super active babies! Perhaps they'll get along well? ;-) Isn't it fun to feel the antics of our little ones? :-D

I hope Baby ceases to be modest at your next appointment!

The twins comment is always rude. :-|

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